Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tainted Juices??

Once upon a time we lived in a world where there was little research done on the food and drinks that we consumed on a daily basis. Now, everything is studied and scrutinized, I for one, am very pleased with this. Apparently, our 100% juices are made from concentrate which is imported from other countries. I am beyond shocked. My children (maybe I should say child bc CIA is still on formula) eat and drink organic and yet those too, are mixed. While raiding my pantry and fridge, I found pineapple juice, Orange juice and the apple juice all were mixtures from Brazil, Argentina, and CHINA!! I can't help but think of those pets that died from the Chinese produced pet food, now we're giving their juice to our children WITH OUT our knowledge!? Oh but wait.... it is with our knowledge because its CLEARLY printed on the packaging in fine print right under the ingredients. I can't help but feel America is some what screwing us here. We complain that we have no jobs yet we are out sourcing. And in turn we find lead in our kids toys, BPA in our plastics, and deadly pet food.

Oh and some of you may be wondering "How did she figure/get started on this stuff".... here's some back ground

While shopping online... my new FAVORITE thing to do... My mother in law called stating she watched Dr. OZ and he said there was something posionous in apple juice. "WHAT?!" Is what I was instinctively screaming in my head both because my MIA sometimes gets things wrong and 2 because I freak out over things like this. "Don't freak out" is what I was telling myself as I watched AJ sip some more of her organic apple juice from dinner. Poor thing almost pissed her pants when I snatched it from her lips!

Because I'm a researcher, I proceeded to do so and found a video from the Today Show with DR. OZ on it. Watched the clip and apparently there are some levels of arsenic..... wait.... what!?!?!?....... (yes ARSENIC!!!! you know RAT POSION!?!?!?) In our apple juice. I at this point am freaking out even more then normal..... this would be the same apple juice I have given to AJ for the past 2 years of her juice drinking life. Apparently, this stuff has higher levels then what we as americans being run by the FDA allow in our drinking water..... wait..... WHAT?!?!? How much of this shit are we consuming on a regular basis?!?!?!?!?!?!? The FDA is firing back with statements which claim there is a difference between organic and inorganic arsenic and the Dr. Oz show did not correctly distinguish between the two different types and that our juices are safe! Of course, I'll be doing MUCH more research on this topic and will keep you posted as I find info.

In closing, our home is now a Motts apple juice only home. While it will be more expensive, is there a price you can put on your child's life/health??? Nope didn't think so!!!