Friday, April 30, 2010

Mode amazing trouve (Amazing fashion finds)

Bonjour Mesdames, j'ai trouvé quelques sites merveilleux qui fournissent des vêtements épaissir. (Hello Ladies, I have found some wonderful websites that provide thicken clothing. I felt speaking french while talking about fashion was extremely appropriate!)

While I was rummaging around online I found a few not so expensive apparel websites. The first one which is Modcloth is specifically for thickens and have some really cute things, I plan on buying some soon. Skirts and shorts and dresses OH MY!!! Jones new york as well and while I understand this store isn't for younger women, they do AT TIMES have some fabulous finds. That's what fashion is all about, finding those fabulous once in a life time finds that are essential to a wardrobe and can be worn all seasons for a couple years even. I actually found 2 winter jackets from Jones New York that I've had for 3years now and they still look brand new. I don't use them every year, instead I use the 1year on 1year off system, that way it always stays new and people don't realize that its actually the same piece. Here is a perfect example of a staple piece! Wendy Williams actually wears Jones New York a lot, mostly skirts from what I've seen and if ya don't believe me take a look for your self lol

How about jeans?? I personally have the hardest time trying to find jeans! My ass and thighs are too big. Well, I heard about Not Your Daughters Jeans from Wendy Williams and they actually sell them out here in Vegas. I will be trying a pair on soon and let you guys know what I think and I'll even try to take pictures, as long as they have my size in the store! While I was looking at their website, I noticed "Win a free Pair" Of course I signed up and during the sign up they ask for your jean size... wait for it....they go up to a size 24 in misses, petites, and womens!!!! GASP!! Not only do they have jeans but they also have skirts and shorts and trousers! OH MY!!!

And of course, Since I am a Wendy fan I was watching today and she had a woman by the name of Charla Krup who wrote a book entitled "How to Never Look Fat Again" which is about women and hiding their fat. I will check that book out, I'm sure she's got some great tips that I haven't heard of yet. A few no nos are, short hair, light washed jeans, too tight of jeans/pants on big hips, also too short of shirts on big hips, shes not recommending hiding our hips and butt just making sure to get a little bit of a longer shirt. As far as pluses go, bigger bangles, bigger bags, longer hair, and V-neck shirts is good for EVERYONE! She also said "did you know that the AVERAGE size in this country for women is a 14!! The average breast size is 38DD!" In that case, my question is, if we are average then why is it so hard to find clothing for our sizes and shapes????

New Thicken shows

I heard about this the other night but because of finals I've been kinda busy and haven't had a chance to blog.

Apparently, David Hasselhoff has 2 teen girls who are thickens! One of those girls was supposed to be in a television show by the name of "Huge"... I personally don't agree with that title, but hey, its not my show lol... and she would be playing a girl named Amber, who was the slimmest and hottest girl at the weight loss camp... well surprise surprise, ABC didn't bring the show to air.... kinda makes you wonder if the stuff with Lane Bryant might have some legitimacy after all?? Not that I doubted it to begin with. But wait, there's another twist.... AHEM.... Suddenly with in the last couple of days, ABC announced they are airing the show this summer...... odd don't you think?

They also have a new reality show on A&E with their dad about him being a single father and them wanting to become singers.... I guess my question to ABC is .... Did you have a change of heart or are you only doing this to show face and play nice in the lawsuit??? Didn't you "guys" think this out before deciding that NOW is the time to announce when the show will air?? Suddenly, out of the 'blue' thickens are good enough to have their own show.... odd ABC purely "ODD!!"

How do you ladies feel about this??

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lane Bryant anyone???

Hey Ladies!!

Well yesterday was my first day back at the gym and my God!! I missed it sooo much!! I am still going to post the pictures and measurements so everyone can follow and maybe even pick up some ideas or motivation. But that's not what I'm blogging about today...............

While being at the gym yesterday I seen something on Nancy Grace that shocked the hell out of me!!

"ALLEGEDLY" ABC/Fox wouldn't play the new Lane Bryant commercial during the prime time which is during "Dancing with the Stars" but yet they played the Victoria secret ad at the half hour mark of Dancing with the stars. Which shows everything but their souls which is what the author Erin Donnelly said. I don't understand why they would play a Victoria Secret commerical which is WAY worse then 1 woman who's cleavage is WAY bigger and better then the itty bitty tity commitees YET they had cleavage too!!!!!!!

I hope Lane Bryant sues the hell out of them and wins!!! I can't believe that a major network who happens to be a part of Disney, who by the way, should have leapt at the chance to show younger girls to love THEIR bodies at any size and that womanly curves are just as beautiful and sexy too!!! I personally am going to find out which tv channels/companies they own and boycott them all even if that means I will never see the news again!!

What do you guys think? Do you guys feel the company has the right to do these things and decide for others what beautiful is????

By the way, the model is Ashley Graham and she is absolutely gorgeous!! Here is what she had to say about the drama going on!|aim|dl3|link1|

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion tips...

Hola World!!!

I loveeeeeeeeeee fashion!!!! Next to hair (first) and make up (a close second) FASHION is my freakin fave!!!

Most of us are either hour glass or pear shaped.... if you are a different body shape PLEASE email me at "" and I will up date this or make a new post specified for your body shape!!...... The best dresses for hour glass (I am a mix between hour glass and pear, my waist is actually VERY small, but I don't have large breast BUT my shoulders are proportionate to my hips) are wrap dresses, I understand DVF (Diane Von Fostenburge) may be expensive but that is the BEST/first wrap dress ever created, which is why I am posting a picture of one.
This one is perfect because it ties at the smallest part and drops so your curves are shown off. The jersey material is perfect for spring and summer. Pattern pattern pattern!!! I will post a picture of one I bought its not a tie but it does have a band and a great pattern that I love. Its a little long for my taste and I'd like to get it shortened which is very easy to do so once you find a good tailor. The next dress is also a DVF dress and I happen to love it because I am a pin up at heart and it totally brings me back to that time when I see it.This one happens to be linen or cotton. This one is perfect as well because it hits above the knee so its not too long, it has a thicker tie and REALLY accentuates your waist and if you don't like the more clingy material such as jersey this would be a perfect alternative!

As for shoes with these you can wear heels, wedges (cork wedges are perfect), and even flats depending on the shoe and dress length.

If you have any questions on this topic OR about a particular outfit you have in mind please feel free to email or leave a comment and I will answer via blog and email as soon as I get a chance!!

Bye for now!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The truth

I hate to load up the page on the first day but I am trying to give you all a sense of me and show that I am serious about this blog.....

I have always been a "Thicken" (the NEW official term of endearment for thick women). I can remember growing up and being teased for the body that I had not yet grown into. In junior high I remember having to buy shorts biweekly because my hips kept growing, I went from a size five to a size fourteen by the end of the school year. By high school I was a little taller and things had seemed to be "fitting together." I did gain some more weight even though I was VERY active in Physical education freshmen year. Even though I was always the first one to finish the mile or the lap in warm ups, I was still the first one to be teased. Which is why the comments people made about me such as "you should lose some weight" or "you shouldn't be eating that" have always stuck with me.

Women like Michelle Obama, Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Wendy Williams, Monique, America Ferrea and Toccara Jones, just to name a few, are women who are paving the way FOR US! They may struggle with weight issues and with comments (I know Khloe and Toccara especially do) but look at how much they LOVE themselves. Now, don't get me wrong ladies, there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy. I believe everyone should be taking care of themselves and be the best them they can be.

To this day that pressure to become thin and something other then who I really am has been branded in the back of my mind. Every time I see a skinny woman on a magazine cover or a television ad for tampons, they are all skinny women. I have since just embraced my thicken body and realized that no matter how "Skinny" I become I will always be what someone else considers fat..... So why not love me for who I am and what I have?

There is always going to be something that someone doesn't like about themselves and even what they don't like about YOU. I've heard skinny women say "I'm fat" I've heard some women say "I wish I had a bigger ass" and those bigger assed women say "I can't stand my big ass." We always think the grass is greener until we get on to the other side. Which is why I feel so strongly about this blog. I have a 2 year old little girl and I don't want her to feel the pressure I felt as a
child. I know I can't change societies views but I can greatly influence the views of my daughter, I want her to see me loving the body God gave me because I've heard one too many stories about women who loath the bodies they were given and their children loathing their own shape because they've viewed their mother struggling with it. Its a vicious circle that MUST be broken!!!

I believe its time to become royalty again. Like I previous posted, back in roman empirical times we thickens were the shit. We were consider beautiful and sexy and some how, skinny women have taken that over for themselves. Back in those times skinny women were peasants and considered poor, too poor to even eat. I love the fact that Jessica Simpson has the new television show to depict those cultures that LOVE thicken women.

So, this is for those women who are counting calories to become the next "skinny minnie," the women who come out to the club but didn't get hit on, the women who just had a child and happens to have a little extra, the women who were given a disgusting look while eating food, the girls who didn't get asked out to the prom, those who are too embarrassed to go to the pool or beach, those who have friends that are smaller then you, those who can't find clothes that fit you while shopping, those who get looks from the corner of others eyes, those unsaid words that are ultimately understood, and to those who have had eating disorders because all they truly want is to fit in to society's mold for all women. Oh My Thickness!!! Was created just for you!


Once upon a time women who were thick were thought of as beautiful, regal, wealthy, royal, and sexy. How we went from that to being seen as the scum of the earth I shall never understand. I created this blog for one reason and one reason only, for women who have curves and LOVE those curves. I will be using this blog to share my trials and tribulations, my work out routines, my fashion and beauty tips and mainly as an outlet for women who are like me. While this picture depicts women who are only of white origin, this blog is for all women of every race, background, and culture.

I love my thickness. I'm proud of my thickness. I flaunt my thickness.