Friday, July 30, 2010

Seven Pounds

I have been intrigued by this movie since the first day I heard/seen the preview. I never seen it up until tonight...... E and I missed the first 25minutes but because we, mostly I, have been wanting to see this movie, we deiced to watch it anyway. I'm so glad that we did. I have to say, this was the best worse movie I've ever watched. It was so good, I ended up crying for the last 30minutes..... No joke!!

I am a very deep person, I keep my feelings and emotions tucked deep inside and rarely revile them. Even to those I am closest with, including E. I've always been like this. I can sit here and lie to your face and tell you everything is fine when really I am torn to pieces on the inside and E has been the only person to ever see past that and into my soul so to speak. I for some reason, can put myself in someone else's shoes, I can feel their pain, their sorrow, and understand what they are going through. So when I watch such a deep meaningful movie such as this, I can put myself there in the moment. Then of course, E had to make this stupid comment which made it even worse.... he said "I love you that much." It felt as though someone was cutting me, deep in the stomach. I immediately started crying even more. I told him in response "If you did something like that I would hate you I would be so angry you did something like that!".... I did however say more but for those of you who have not seen the movie I digress as to not ruin it for you.

I was telling E, as he was comforting my tears, that I can't believe I didn't hear anything about this movie. I was kind of upset about not hearing anything about it to tell you the truth. It makes me kind of sick to my stomach that we live in the type of world that would rather watch avatar and talk about it then a meaningful movie like this. At the same time I can also see why someone didn't talk about it... its too close to life. Its hard to handle when there's so much sadness, anger, and hate around us in every day life. People watch movies to really "get away from it all." But if you ask me, we could learn a lot from this movie, me included.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Size does matter....

When it comes to your engagement ring sliding off your finger because you're losing so much weight......

I never knew I would see this day... I mean I always talked about it because the ring was slightly too large when he first gave it to me and I often said "I'll have it resized when I lose the rest of my weight" but I haven't even gotten close to my goal weight and I am almost needing to get it done now! How crazy.... do you see the size of the gap? That's not even showing the complete gap because I couldn't get the angle just right. I would say its about 1 full size larger then my finger now. AMAZINGGGGGGG! Maybe I'll go to the gym twice Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As Beyonce would say....."Work It Out"

Ladies ladies ladies!

Its been awhile since a post was about working out. But thats because I've been trying to get a work out routine for people in the house. I've come up with a few things and you can even do them with your little ones, if you have some. I hope these help!


LEGS: I was recently swimming with AJ and she has this ugly donkey flotation device but it serves its purpose well! I would push her from one end of the pool to the other (shallow-deep) while pushing I'm kicking my legs, I did just 2 laps each way and my legs were BURNING!! Even if you don't have a kid you can always swim laps which would then work your whole body.

ARMS: AJ loves to jump into the pool from the side. In order for her not to drown, I have to catch her. This is such an amazing work out since she is 26lbs. You can also bounce them in the water if they aren't old enough to jump to you. AJ loves going under so I count to 3 while bouncing her which works the back and arms depending on how you do it.


I will post a youtube video of me doing these... I don't exactly know how to use youtube yet so please bare with me. lol These can also be done in the gym too.

Arms: Triceps push ups using a chair. 1 liter water bottles are GREAT weights. I started out using 5lb weights for all my warm ups it builds up your body and helps you to do exercises correctly. I laughed when I first started using the 5lbs because lord are they heavy!

Front raises with dumbells or water bottles: Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Bend both your arms and knees slightly and hold the dumbbells so that your palms are facing your body. One arm at a time, raise the weight up straight out in front of you until it is slightly higher than shoulder height. Lower the weight back down over the same path and perform the same movement with the other arm. Alternate back and forth between arms until you reach muscular failure.

Side raises with dumbells or water bottles: Starting by standing and holding a dumbbell in each hand. Slightly bend at the elbows and turn the dumbbells so that the palms are facing the sides of your body. Raise the dumbbells out to the sides until they are at shoulder height. At the top of the movement, the dumbbells should be facing downward. After a pause at the top, slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

Squats: When doing these act as if you are about to sit on a public toilet... you don't actually sit on one right? You squat over one. Its a butt exercise so there for your ass should be as far out as possible while your back is straight.

Lunges: Beginning with one foot, simply walk forward as far as you comfortably can. It is very important that when you plant your walking foot that your knee stays perpendicular to the floor and does not extend past your toes.

Crunches: Bicycle crunches are amazing if you're doing them correctly. Left arm to right knee, Right arm to Left knee. Regular crunches, and there is even something called a bosu ball (which I use for almost all of my floor exercises) which will give you flexion so you can reach all of your upper abs while doing a crunch. Leg lifts get your lower abs and if someone stands above your head they can give you resistance... but that's for later.. I haven't worked back up to this myself yet.

Butt Kick Backs: Get on your hands and knees on a mat on the floor with your back parallel to the ground. In a controlled motion, thrust one of your feet backwards as though you are kicking like a horse. Be sure to really flex your butt for a one-count when your leg is fully extended back behind you. Return to the start position and repeat with the opposite leg.

Ballet Squats: These are amazing because they work the inner thighs which is a really hard area to work. Stand with your feet more than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing out

Dead lifts: Again use the liter of water holding it parallel to the floor starting with it on the floor position your feet shoulder width apart and hold your arms naturally down to your sides. Securely hold the water bottle and slowly bend down while keeping a little bend in your knees and tension on your hamstring (back of leg). From the bottom position, slowly extend back up using your hamstring muscles until your at the starting position. Clinch your butt muscles!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who wears short shorts? Moms wear short shorts!!

The other day I took AJ out to the park with a water pad, but before we got there we stopped for some lunch. Because we live in the desert and its EXTREMELY hot here I was wearing shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt. I personally didn't think there was anything wrong with wearing this attire since I am ONLY 22 and still find myself to be a vixen. I wasn't looking for attention from ANYONE and was just wearing something that was comfortable and that I could get some sun in.

We walked into said place of food-a-ry and immediately I start to get looks of disapproval from everyone in this place. Since when are moms expected to be fat, ugly, lazy slobs that aren't sexy, don't take care of themselves and are just in this world to take care of kids? This isn't the first time I've had this type of encounter with the world I live in. I've heard from E's coworkers "Moms aren't supposed to wear heels!!" or "That's not how moms are supposed to be dressed/hair/makeup done." E always responds with "Don't tell Karie that!"

My question is why?? Why are moms expected to become those things I mentioned before? Why does society have such a problem with women being sexy and being moms? I work out, I change my hair color when ever I feel like it as well as the style/cuts, I also LOVE heels...Its more of an obsession really.... I LOVE make up, I enjoy getting sexy for my fiance and he enjoys it as well as other men that I catch staring at me! So why is there an issue once people find out I have a child??? I actually had a "friend" tell me one time I was a "DIVA MOM" and that she couldn't understand how I dressed this way and that she could NEVER dress this way. This is how I was BEFORE child and hey guess what I am STILL like this! Needless to say I am no longer friends with this person!

Let me just be the first to say I will dress/act like this til the day I die. Children or not! I also see MANY other women feeling/dressing/acting the same way as I do! Is their disapproval just because I am a thicker woman that people make it an even bigger deal then it should be? Is it because I have voluptuous thighs that most people find "gross"? If that's indeed the reason... that I am just too big for you're liking and I dress/act any way I wish ALL THE WHILE being the most amazing mom and fiance..... well then I hold up both middle fingers to you and you can kiss this SEXY PHAT ass!! HI HATERS HI HATERS HI HATERS!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lord help me!!

As you know, I switched gyms almost a month ago and when I did I was to receive 1 free hour of training..... I didn't think I needed it because E is practically a personal trainer and I do a majority of everything that most trainers would tell me to do anyway. I was talking to the owner yesterday and realized it might be helpful. We scheduled the appointment for 11am the next morning and I almost slept right past it since AJ decided she wanted to be up from 6am-7am and THEN crawl in bed with me. Anyway, I get there and she's not there so I decided to knock out some of my work out since I didn't really think I would be getting anything in at all. About 10mins later she shows up and we get to it.

I get on this crazyyy lookin scale which is hooked up to her lap top... real technical things goin on here. It literally takes 1 minute and this thing is about to reveal the most intimate personal details about myself that even I don't know! I step off and I'll admit I was embarrassed because lets face it, I am fat and unhealthy. Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see..... let me explain myself for a moment.... I honestly didn't think I was as bad as I'm going to reveal in a moment. I try to eat every 3-4hours, I try to drink A LOT of water since 1.) I live in the desert and 2.) because its good for you even though I hate the taste lol. I thought the foods I was eating weren't that bad as well but damn if I wasn't ever more wrong in my life!! Now, back to the scale......

So I step off the scale wait for her to write down all the info and then she looks at me and says "Are you sure you're ready?" I was thinking to myself "Um no actually I've changed my mind and I'd prefer to just walk out of here with out seeing those!" but instead of saying that I said "Yes, I need to know this information" which is true I do need to know it in order to live healthier!

We first started with weight- 225lbs... Now, this is the 2nd most accurate scale in the world and I weighed myself when I got home to know the difference between my scale and this one, its a 3lb difference. Since I tapped out at 227lbs on my scale, in reality it was really 230 and since working out I've bottomed out at 217lbs which is really 220lbs so I've lost a total of 10lbs, either way.

My body fat percentage is really bad! I'm almost half fat! It is 45% I need to get it down to 10% to get into a yellow area which is still 10% off of what I should be but it would be WAY better then what it is now. When it was divided into free fat is 123 and bad fat the bad fat was 102...... 102??? 102??? Thats another freakin person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am carrying 2 people and I'm not even freakin pregnant!!

Then it came to water weight.......This percent needs to be above 50% so I have another 10% to go up this time up verses down.

This is the insane part.... It calculates your metabolic rate! My body burns about 1800 calories a day but my fat ass is taking in about 2800 calories a day. Can you tell I have an issue with food???

So now, I need to limit my intake of calories and to do so I am doing weight watchers but I'm not going go to the meetings/pay that money because all the info is online in the first place.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June's Weigh in

Ah..... is it that time of month already?! Seriously I would love to know where this month went??

I started a work out/food journal June 12 and I was reviewing it and damn if I didn't miss a lot of days this month. I'm so ashamed! I missed the first week of June, then several days a week from there. I started the month off bad, got it together mid-month and then lost it the last 1 or 2 weeks. But I am starting July off strong. Already worked out today.

So. Lets review my progress. I started off at

CHEST- 42.5"
WAIST- 39"

As for weight, I went up before I went down, I topped out at 230lbs, which is completely normal because muscle builds and of course it weighs more then fat. Now for June's weigh in........... Its juicy!!

WAIST- 37"
HIPS- 48"
CALVES- 17.5"
WEIGHT- 224Lbs!

WOW!! I lost 5lbs!!!!!!! How amazing is that PLUS a total loss of 13 inches all over the body and that is in just 2months, yes 8 weeks and a lot of hard work and I'm on a great track. I'm having E take pictures tonight and I'll post them tomorrow afternoon. I swear this time!!