Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey strangers!

Well there has been a lot happen since the last time I set finger to this blog. I do apologize to my followers and hope tthe hat you can forgive me once you've had a moment to consider the reasons which follow.

1. My father in law passed which was extremely hard on E and my mother in law.
2. We found out shortly after his death that I am pregnant again. Which makes it slightly difficult to have a blog about losing weight until this baby is born lol
3. I've went back to work, and while I LOVED being home with AJ I felt like I was losing myself. So now I am a full time employee
4. We have moved TWICE since October.....drama with new neighbors....longgg story.
5. We still haven't gotten internet since we've had to move so much lol so now i've figured out a way to post via email.
6. My grandmother, who is like a second mother to me, is in the hospital and we are awaiting news to know if AJ and I need to fly back.

So now you have all of the reasons and I am trying to be more active on this blog and to create a new one as well. Thank you all for read thus far and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog/life :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The basics

I am a firm believer that goals should be written down and posted where you can see them daily. This is me writing it down, I am also going to make an area in the house where it can be seen and I even found a thermometer from Dotties Weight Loss Zone that will help too. That site has a lot of good info as far as sticking with the weight watchers plan with out paying for it. She has a list of restaurants with the points for each item, recipes, and just about anything else you could possibly think of and even somethings you didn't think of!! I plan on printing this out and each time I get closer and closer to my goal weight I can visually see how my progress is going. Just an example. I was 230 now I 218 which is about a 5% loss so far. Which has been documented on this thermometer>>>

Heart rate:
While working out its extremely important to be sure you're in the correct ranges. It is called a training zone. It is vital to increasing you aerobic ability/capacity. Your MHR = 200bpm (beats per minute) – your age

I'm 23 years old so my maximum heart rate is 200-23=177

177x.55=97bmp; 177x.85=151bmp

Keeping your heart rate between these levels will ensure you are getting the most burn for the work out. The reason these are so important is because during strength training your heart rate isn't going to be as high as if you were doing cardio but, you will be burning more calories for a longer amount of time then just with cardio alone. This I will get into more later in this post.

You can buy a heart rate monitor, it can be worn just like a wrist watch. For those of you who do not want to buy one you can also take your pulse randomly through out your work out by using your right index and middle finger over the right side of your neck, where a guys adam apple would be, by counting the beats, at least 15 to 20 seconds, and multiplying that number to get the number of beats per minute.

Metabolism: The only way to get your metabolism up is by eating every 4hours. When I say eat every 4hours please don't think I mean large meals. You should be eating small portions. Some protein, some fruit, some veggies. There is actually a diet I'm considering trying. Its called "The 3hour diet." Essentially, you in take about 1450 calories a day. 400 Calorie breakfast, 3hours later a 100 calorie snack, 3hours later 400 calorie lunch, 3hours later another 100 calorie snack, then 3hours later a 400 calorie dinner and then you can have another 100 calorie snack 3hours before bed!

Strength Training: Even for woman it is great to do strength training. Its like a push up bra. Every woman should wear one because it puts the "girls" where they are SUPPOSED TO BE, even if you have large breast. (Helpful hint from working at Victoria Secret) Strength training is amazing for the body. It helps with posture, tones your muscles and just makes your body look better. Increases the body's metabolism in turn makes the body burn more calories through out the day. Surprisingly, it does not bulk up a woman's muscles, only tones as long as heavy weights aren't used. Improves balance, flexibility and coordination. Improves the overall condition of the heart. Assists in restoring and increasing bone density. Prevents injury. Also, if you're going to do strength training, try to focus on one part of the body per day. What I do is I'll do cardio daily, abs daily but then I'll do back and legs, and then the next day I'll do arms.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Even though I'm not over my sinus infection, I had the most amazing birthday!! Thank you to those of you who showed up, you guys made my night! Which by the way was Thursday the 19th and according to E, I still have another week left! We had an amazing time, E got a table, a bottle and we had crazy fun! Oh and I lost 7lbs, which surpassed my goal of only 5lbs! As for everything else I've had to stop because if you work out while being sick you can become even sicker then what you were supposed to be and you can even make your cold last longer. I did however start feeling better and went and worked out Wednesday the 18th and it made my congestion worse... so here I sit still awaiting my arrival back into the gym. Although, I have been doing some extra research lately on tips, tricks, and eating correctly. Stayyyy tuned!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Gets sick just 9days before their birthday???? MEEEEE!! That's who! I didn't intentionally try to get sick mind you, I was only trying to be a good mother and comfort AJ while she was sick. While attempting to do so I was sneezed on, coughed on and slobbered on. She even slept in my bed there for my pillow was infected as well. I was doomed from the start!

I'm slightly upset because you're not supposed to work out while sick. It can cause you to become dehydrated, and get sicker then what you were originally going to be because it pushes the infection/virus through your system continuously/faster. I was finally getting to a point where I actually felt I knew what I was doing. I had just increased my repetitions and I was attempting to lose 5lbs before the 19th! I already dropped 2lbs I was almost there! BLAH on the fate of getting sick!! I've been pumping meds and fluids since last night so I'm PRAYING I will get over this quickly! I really want to get back into the gym AND better before my birthday because that's totally gonna suck!

How are you all feeling??? Any updates you would like to share?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coming to a realization

There are many times when I'm literally saying "No I don't want to go to the gym. So, I'm not going to the gym!" I have an issue with rebelling still and I'm almost 23 lol!!

I don't think it has to do with not wanting it because I want it so bad I can actually visualize myself in all the new clothes that E has promised me....this is a promise he doesn't know about but will have no complaints when I actually pull it off! lol I know I'm so bad!! Like I was saying, I can see myself in the body I want which is a big thing for obtaining goals you've set for yourself. I think one main reason I am able to visualize myself like this is because I was once in the body that I, during that time, thought was so horrible, but now I am dying to look like that again...... Here's a picture.....But one of my biggest problem is I am lazy. Lazy as hell. Yes, I can admit it!! As much as I'm lazy, I'm an even bigger procrastinator!! Along with those two I am a foodie. I LOVE food. Which is my biggest problem of them all. Like I noted in an earlier post. My body burns about 1900 calories but I'm INTAKING about 2900 calories. I'm eating/drinking 1000 more then I can burn which explains these extra pounds that are so difficult to get rid of.

I've come to a conclusion. Officially with out going back because once its in "writing" its out for good, when it comes to goals that is!

After much boasting about how I will lose this weight with out changing my diet and realizing that after 3months with very little change its obviously not working, then having the proof that of caloric intake/burning. I have to change! When I blogged about the calories I started weight watchers program. It onlylasted a couple days.

I am going to start the program again tomorrow morning. I will allow myself 1 cheat day since like I said I am a foodie. We often go out to eat at restaurants and when that happens I know I wont be able to eat the normal foods I would have eaten and if I do I wont be able to eat as much. I am allowed 29 points a day which will MAKE me drink more water because like I said, I'm a foodie and I'd rather eat food then drink something that tastes great lol!! Lord help me I need prayers with this. I know I am a strong person but I'm not sure I can keep the strength that is needed for this. In fact... I will actually start posting what I'm eating, how many points it is every day.

The power of the incline

Recently I started intervals with an incline. I've always been doing intervals, but since I love my booty and would like to keep it the size it is or bigger, I added the incline, walking/running at an incline actually helps those booty muscles. Incline intervals are amazing. I love them with all my heart.

I was up to 45minutes running intervals prior to adding the inclines. I started off at 10minutes with a 1% incline, then 2-3days later I increased the incline to 1.5% and now I'm at a 2% I was able to go for 30minutes last night. I'm trying to get back to 45minutes at 2% and then increase it again to 2.5 and then 3% and keep this trend until I make it to 5% and then I'll decide if I'll go up some more.

I also do intervals on the elliptical machine. I'll start at a lower level and increase to a 3-4 level difference at whatever they have their interval minutes at.

Here is some more info about intervals and why they are so great for our bodies.

I feel off.......

I'm seriously so ashamed of myself guys...

I was doing so fabulously well and then Aaliyah'sbirthday came, along with the cake, pizza, soda, ice cream as well as not working out for 5days and then working out only twice after that.

Lets get to business....... here's the details from June....

WAIST- 37"
HIPS- 48"
CALVES- 17.5"
WEIGHT- 221Lbs! (REMEMBER: This weight is actually wrong so I was really 224)

Here are July's details

NECK: 15"
ARMS: 14"
CHEST: 41"
RIBS: 39"
WAIST: 39"
HIPS: 48"
THIGHS: 28" at the biggest part which is at the top right under my goodies.... My actual thigh is at 25" which is down 2" from the very first measure and I never included it.
CALVES: 17.5"
WEIGHT: 224 Still.

The good news I am good at maintaining weight, and I did drop an inch on my arms which I am ecstatic about! I've always hated my arms. Even when I was in dance and softball. They were always on the chubbier side.... but now even at a resting position I'm seeing the definition of my triceps!!

On the 19th is my birthday so these next 2weeks I'll be working out daily maybe some days twice a day. I'm also going to change my diet as best as I can. I want to look good for my bday and fit into a dress I've had my eye on for a while..... ugh. the pressure.

I do however feel horrible for not sticking with it. I feel better now that its out there and you all know about it lol I've given up on the pictures lol.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Seven Pounds

I have been intrigued by this movie since the first day I heard/seen the preview. I never seen it up until tonight...... E and I missed the first 25minutes but because we, mostly I, have been wanting to see this movie, we deiced to watch it anyway. I'm so glad that we did. I have to say, this was the best worse movie I've ever watched. It was so good, I ended up crying for the last 30minutes..... No joke!!

I am a very deep person, I keep my feelings and emotions tucked deep inside and rarely revile them. Even to those I am closest with, including E. I've always been like this. I can sit here and lie to your face and tell you everything is fine when really I am torn to pieces on the inside and E has been the only person to ever see past that and into my soul so to speak. I for some reason, can put myself in someone else's shoes, I can feel their pain, their sorrow, and understand what they are going through. So when I watch such a deep meaningful movie such as this, I can put myself there in the moment. Then of course, E had to make this stupid comment which made it even worse.... he said "I love you that much." It felt as though someone was cutting me, deep in the stomach. I immediately started crying even more. I told him in response "If you did something like that I would hate you I would be so angry you did something like that!".... I did however say more but for those of you who have not seen the movie I digress as to not ruin it for you.

I was telling E, as he was comforting my tears, that I can't believe I didn't hear anything about this movie. I was kind of upset about not hearing anything about it to tell you the truth. It makes me kind of sick to my stomach that we live in the type of world that would rather watch avatar and talk about it then a meaningful movie like this. At the same time I can also see why someone didn't talk about it... its too close to life. Its hard to handle when there's so much sadness, anger, and hate around us in every day life. People watch movies to really "get away from it all." But if you ask me, we could learn a lot from this movie, me included.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Size does matter....

When it comes to your engagement ring sliding off your finger because you're losing so much weight......

I never knew I would see this day... I mean I always talked about it because the ring was slightly too large when he first gave it to me and I often said "I'll have it resized when I lose the rest of my weight" but I haven't even gotten close to my goal weight and I am almost needing to get it done now! How crazy.... do you see the size of the gap? That's not even showing the complete gap because I couldn't get the angle just right. I would say its about 1 full size larger then my finger now. AMAZINGGGGGGG! Maybe I'll go to the gym twice Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As Beyonce would say....."Work It Out"

Ladies ladies ladies!

Its been awhile since a post was about working out. But thats because I've been trying to get a work out routine for people in the house. I've come up with a few things and you can even do them with your little ones, if you have some. I hope these help!


LEGS: I was recently swimming with AJ and she has this ugly donkey flotation device but it serves its purpose well! I would push her from one end of the pool to the other (shallow-deep) while pushing I'm kicking my legs, I did just 2 laps each way and my legs were BURNING!! Even if you don't have a kid you can always swim laps which would then work your whole body.

ARMS: AJ loves to jump into the pool from the side. In order for her not to drown, I have to catch her. This is such an amazing work out since she is 26lbs. You can also bounce them in the water if they aren't old enough to jump to you. AJ loves going under so I count to 3 while bouncing her which works the back and arms depending on how you do it.


I will post a youtube video of me doing these... I don't exactly know how to use youtube yet so please bare with me. lol These can also be done in the gym too.

Arms: Triceps push ups using a chair. 1 liter water bottles are GREAT weights. I started out using 5lb weights for all my warm ups it builds up your body and helps you to do exercises correctly. I laughed when I first started using the 5lbs because lord are they heavy!

Front raises with dumbells or water bottles: Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Bend both your arms and knees slightly and hold the dumbbells so that your palms are facing your body. One arm at a time, raise the weight up straight out in front of you until it is slightly higher than shoulder height. Lower the weight back down over the same path and perform the same movement with the other arm. Alternate back and forth between arms until you reach muscular failure.

Side raises with dumbells or water bottles: Starting by standing and holding a dumbbell in each hand. Slightly bend at the elbows and turn the dumbbells so that the palms are facing the sides of your body. Raise the dumbbells out to the sides until they are at shoulder height. At the top of the movement, the dumbbells should be facing downward. After a pause at the top, slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

Squats: When doing these act as if you are about to sit on a public toilet... you don't actually sit on one right? You squat over one. Its a butt exercise so there for your ass should be as far out as possible while your back is straight.

Lunges: Beginning with one foot, simply walk forward as far as you comfortably can. It is very important that when you plant your walking foot that your knee stays perpendicular to the floor and does not extend past your toes.

Crunches: Bicycle crunches are amazing if you're doing them correctly. Left arm to right knee, Right arm to Left knee. Regular crunches, and there is even something called a bosu ball (which I use for almost all of my floor exercises) which will give you flexion so you can reach all of your upper abs while doing a crunch. Leg lifts get your lower abs and if someone stands above your head they can give you resistance... but that's for later.. I haven't worked back up to this myself yet.

Butt Kick Backs: Get on your hands and knees on a mat on the floor with your back parallel to the ground. In a controlled motion, thrust one of your feet backwards as though you are kicking like a horse. Be sure to really flex your butt for a one-count when your leg is fully extended back behind you. Return to the start position and repeat with the opposite leg.

Ballet Squats: These are amazing because they work the inner thighs which is a really hard area to work. Stand with your feet more than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing out

Dead lifts: Again use the liter of water holding it parallel to the floor starting with it on the floor position your feet shoulder width apart and hold your arms naturally down to your sides. Securely hold the water bottle and slowly bend down while keeping a little bend in your knees and tension on your hamstring (back of leg). From the bottom position, slowly extend back up using your hamstring muscles until your at the starting position. Clinch your butt muscles!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who wears short shorts? Moms wear short shorts!!

The other day I took AJ out to the park with a water pad, but before we got there we stopped for some lunch. Because we live in the desert and its EXTREMELY hot here I was wearing shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt. I personally didn't think there was anything wrong with wearing this attire since I am ONLY 22 and still find myself to be a vixen. I wasn't looking for attention from ANYONE and was just wearing something that was comfortable and that I could get some sun in.

We walked into said place of food-a-ry and immediately I start to get looks of disapproval from everyone in this place. Since when are moms expected to be fat, ugly, lazy slobs that aren't sexy, don't take care of themselves and are just in this world to take care of kids? This isn't the first time I've had this type of encounter with the world I live in. I've heard from E's coworkers "Moms aren't supposed to wear heels!!" or "That's not how moms are supposed to be dressed/hair/makeup done." E always responds with "Don't tell Karie that!"

My question is why?? Why are moms expected to become those things I mentioned before? Why does society have such a problem with women being sexy and being moms? I work out, I change my hair color when ever I feel like it as well as the style/cuts, I also LOVE heels...Its more of an obsession really.... I LOVE make up, I enjoy getting sexy for my fiance and he enjoys it as well as other men that I catch staring at me! So why is there an issue once people find out I have a child??? I actually had a "friend" tell me one time I was a "DIVA MOM" and that she couldn't understand how I dressed this way and that she could NEVER dress this way. This is how I was BEFORE child and hey guess what I am STILL like this! Needless to say I am no longer friends with this person!

Let me just be the first to say I will dress/act like this til the day I die. Children or not! I also see MANY other women feeling/dressing/acting the same way as I do! Is their disapproval just because I am a thicker woman that people make it an even bigger deal then it should be? Is it because I have voluptuous thighs that most people find "gross"? If that's indeed the reason... that I am just too big for you're liking and I dress/act any way I wish ALL THE WHILE being the most amazing mom and fiance..... well then I hold up both middle fingers to you and you can kiss this SEXY PHAT ass!! HI HATERS HI HATERS HI HATERS!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lord help me!!

As you know, I switched gyms almost a month ago and when I did I was to receive 1 free hour of training..... I didn't think I needed it because E is practically a personal trainer and I do a majority of everything that most trainers would tell me to do anyway. I was talking to the owner yesterday and realized it might be helpful. We scheduled the appointment for 11am the next morning and I almost slept right past it since AJ decided she wanted to be up from 6am-7am and THEN crawl in bed with me. Anyway, I get there and she's not there so I decided to knock out some of my work out since I didn't really think I would be getting anything in at all. About 10mins later she shows up and we get to it.

I get on this crazyyy lookin scale which is hooked up to her lap top... real technical things goin on here. It literally takes 1 minute and this thing is about to reveal the most intimate personal details about myself that even I don't know! I step off and I'll admit I was embarrassed because lets face it, I am fat and unhealthy. Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see..... let me explain myself for a moment.... I honestly didn't think I was as bad as I'm going to reveal in a moment. I try to eat every 3-4hours, I try to drink A LOT of water since 1.) I live in the desert and 2.) because its good for you even though I hate the taste lol. I thought the foods I was eating weren't that bad as well but damn if I wasn't ever more wrong in my life!! Now, back to the scale......

So I step off the scale wait for her to write down all the info and then she looks at me and says "Are you sure you're ready?" I was thinking to myself "Um no actually I've changed my mind and I'd prefer to just walk out of here with out seeing those!" but instead of saying that I said "Yes, I need to know this information" which is true I do need to know it in order to live healthier!

We first started with weight- 225lbs... Now, this is the 2nd most accurate scale in the world and I weighed myself when I got home to know the difference between my scale and this one, its a 3lb difference. Since I tapped out at 227lbs on my scale, in reality it was really 230 and since working out I've bottomed out at 217lbs which is really 220lbs so I've lost a total of 10lbs, either way.

My body fat percentage is really bad! I'm almost half fat! It is 45% I need to get it down to 10% to get into a yellow area which is still 10% off of what I should be but it would be WAY better then what it is now. When it was divided into free fat is 123 and bad fat the bad fat was 102...... 102??? 102??? Thats another freakin person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am carrying 2 people and I'm not even freakin pregnant!!

Then it came to water weight.......This percent needs to be above 50% so I have another 10% to go up this time up verses down.

This is the insane part.... It calculates your metabolic rate! My body burns about 1800 calories a day but my fat ass is taking in about 2800 calories a day. Can you tell I have an issue with food???

So now, I need to limit my intake of calories and to do so I am doing weight watchers but I'm not going go to the meetings/pay that money because all the info is online in the first place.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June's Weigh in

Ah..... is it that time of month already?! Seriously I would love to know where this month went??

I started a work out/food journal June 12 and I was reviewing it and damn if I didn't miss a lot of days this month. I'm so ashamed! I missed the first week of June, then several days a week from there. I started the month off bad, got it together mid-month and then lost it the last 1 or 2 weeks. But I am starting July off strong. Already worked out today.

So. Lets review my progress. I started off at

CHEST- 42.5"
WAIST- 39"

As for weight, I went up before I went down, I topped out at 230lbs, which is completely normal because muscle builds and of course it weighs more then fat. Now for June's weigh in........... Its juicy!!

WAIST- 37"
HIPS- 48"
CALVES- 17.5"
WEIGHT- 224Lbs!

WOW!! I lost 5lbs!!!!!!! How amazing is that PLUS a total loss of 13 inches all over the body and that is in just 2months, yes 8 weeks and a lot of hard work and I'm on a great track. I'm having E take pictures tonight and I'll post them tomorrow afternoon. I swear this time!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So is life....

I have been with out internet for about 2 weeks now. I have been truly lost with out the ability to look things up, or chat randomly, and even post on my blog. There have been so many things I've wanted to tell to you all!!

Lets start at the beginning.... 2weeks ago, I decided to take a break from working out.... well not really intended our schedules just got crazy for that week and I wasn't able to travel 30minutes to and 30minutes from my gym...... that's another story for later in this post.

After I "started" back at the gym the following week, I started yoga, I loved it, it was so challenging and rewarding all in one. 15-20 minutes before the end of class who do I realize is in there? My ex's best friends girl friend.... or at least she was still has girlfriend about 4 years ago when we seen them coming out of a movie. I was slightly annoyed, I don't think she recognized me, or she might have, I really don't care either way but damn, I can't even get my work out on with out seeing someone I know....... especially when I look my worse trying to get back to my best.

That week I started running on the track and hated it. I truly do have a love hate relationship sometimes with cardio lol. I was then, only able to run 1 lap then walk 1 lap. I continued on this way for a total of laps. Ugh. The pros from running obviously out weigh the cons, but damn, its hard to realize that during those times when my shins are cramping and I can't breath.

I have since changed gyms, because as I stated earlier, 30minutes to and 30minutes from is just a little too much in my life right now. This new gym is literally right around the corner from my house, like walking distance, its amazing! Since being there now, for a week, I have been running on the treadmill. I started the first day with 15minutes of intervals from 3.0-4.5. I thought I was going to die!!!! I was COVERED in sweat like I had just walked out of the shower. I loved it though, I felt amazing, like I had just conquered the world considering I had just done 30minutes on the elliptical machine prior. Technically, I have been there for 4days and have since increased my time on the treadmill to 30minutes total. I finish at 2miles. I plan on increasing my time as I go though because I would like to get faster as well as able to finish a 5k. I have ALREADY lost 4lbs!!!!!!!! I was only increasing weight since I started 7weeks ago because of muscle building and now, finally, I am starting to lose. I still have a total of 48lbs to go to get to my goal weight of 175.

I knew running was a good way to lose weight but never was able to after getting into a car accident when I was 17. I had a pinched nerve in my hip which was corrected when I gave birth to AJ. I was kind of glad and kind of upset too because I could no longer use that as an excuse haha. I was completely inspired by my buddy Star who has already ran two 5k runs. I too would like to be able to do so and it is also on my bucket list like her, I feel like such a copycat hahaha.

I will write you more in a couple days as I continue this new routine. I will also be posting my updated measurements and pictures. I apologize for not posting pictures from last month BUT they were deleted.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sulfate free!!

I have been on a rampage lately with finding everything I use on my body to be sulfate free. I noticed its in everything from toothpaste to body wash to shampoo and I think its one of the reasons I have such beyond dry skin.... that and I happen to live in a desert hello!?

I will be trying new and different shampoos as each one runs out and then decide which one I like best for myself as well as AJ. So far, I've tried something I found at Sally's Beauty Supply. Its called Hair One Hair Cleanser and Conditioner. Its available in 4 formulas, Cucumber Aloe (Normal hair), Jojoba (Color treated hair), Olive Oil (Dry, Damaged hair), and Tea Tree Oil (Dry Scalp). I got the one for dry hair even though my hair is colored because you can never get enough moisture, even in the winter time. It promises to cleanse, condition, detangle, anti-frizz, and add shine. I must say, I normally lose A LOT of hair in the shower using other shampoos, as does AJ but this one I noticed a dramatic difference, AJ didn't lose any hair strands and I a couple. As for the detangling, which is needed with AJ's hair, it was amazing how quickly I was able to get through it verse with other shampoos. The norm after washing her hair then conditioning and THEN combing is me getting up with a sore lower back because it took so long. Not tonight!!

After just 1 time of use my hair feels amazing. I let it air dry today and I will be styling it tomorrow and will take a picture. As for AJ's I noticed her curls were tighter and her hair softer. I will let you know tomorrow after she's slept on it, as she was extremely tired from a day of no nap and swimming, so I wasn't able to see how it would dry completely.

As for body washes I use a Mary Kay product which is called "2-in-1 wash and shave gel" which happens to hydrate my skin even with out using the hydrating lotion (its a set) after using the set E can not keep his grubby hands off of me lol. I've noticed the hair on my legs seems to be softer when it grows in as well. By the way, since I sell Mary Kay, please do not think I am being bias here. I give this information from a consumer stand point and even encourage those of you who are interested in trying it to find a Mary Kay consultant in your area. Unless you are loyal to me haha.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally... My stats!

Lordy!! Its been crazy around here. I feel like I'm constantly on the move and I don't even work and AJ isn't even in school!! lol

Anyway.... back to what we are really here for weigh in time.... so sorry its late again!!!

AS OF 5/30/2010

Arms: 15"
Total Loss: 1"

Chest: 41.5"
Total Loss: 1"

Chest (under boobs): 40"
Total Loss: Wasn't measured previously

Waist: 37"
Total Loss: 2"

Upper hips: 47"
Total Loss: 2"

Lower hips: 49"
Total Loss: 2"

Thighs: 28"
Total Loss: 1"

Calves: 17"
Total Loss: 1"

It's a slow start but its a start none the less. I'm upping everything and tweeking my routine. I need to start running the track as apposed to just being on the elliptical machine. It was a great start off machine for low impact cardio but I'm ready to step it up now.

Remember ladies, those of you who commit to being fit and would like to share your results can email me or hit me up on facebook!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Go Ashleigh!!

I've been tossing around the idea to create a month/weekly post, depending on when people measure themselves and how many people actually participate.

Ashleigh, is a family friend who I've always thought was very beautiful, has recently told me she has been working out since January. Her graduation is coming up in August and that's her goal dead line. Which is: "I want to be a 36D or DD, size 8 and 170lbs."

Here are her stats since January.


Height: 5'8"
Chest: 40DDD
Pant size: 18/16.
Weight: 235
Shoulders: 48"
Waist: 38.5"
Hips: 48.5"
Thighs: 28"
Calf: 17.5"


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 227lbs
Arms: 13.5"
Shoulders: 47"
Chest: 42.5"
Waist: 38.5"
Hips: 48.5"
Thighs: 26"
Calf: 18"


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 226lbs
Arms: 12.5"
Shoulders: 47.5"
Chest: 42.5
Waist: 37"
Hips: 48"
Thighs: 26"
Calf: 18"


Height: 5'8"
Arms: 12.5"
Shoulders: 46"
Chest: 42"
Waist: 37"
Hips: 48"
Thigh: 26"
Calf: 18"

Way to go Ashleigh!! You're getting closer and closer to your goal!! Keep up the good work!! If you have stats that you would like me to post to help fellow thickens become motivated to make their beautiful bodies the very best they can be, then please feel free to email me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fitness - if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.

I am forever sorry for leaving you all for the past week. Its been hellish with finals, mothers day and more finals. I figured out I have lied to you all about when I started working out. It was actually a Sunday in April, the 25th to be exact. The previous pictures I took were indeed on the 30th, the measurements were also on the 30th of April. And I am here to tell you all, I just measured myself out of pure curiosity (I expect instant gratification and I'm apparently getting it) I've been noticing a difference when it comes to the way somethings fit, or even how I look in the mirror and so I was curious, and a little anxious, so I whipped out the trusty measuring tape, yes, the same one that was used no more then 2weeks ago. The results are amazing!!!!!

Arms as of 5/15/2010: 15"

Chest PREVIOUSLY: 42.5"
Chest as of 5/15/2010: 41.5"

Waist as of 5/15/2010: 38"

Hips (Where my pants lay) PREVIOUSLY: 49"
Hips as of 5/15/2010: 47"

Hips (Fullest butt area) PREVIOUSLY: 51"
Hips as of 5/15/2010: 49.5"
TOTAL LOSS: 1.5" (Which I don't want to lose my ass I want it to be perky and round)

Thighs PREVIOUSLY: 29"
Thighs as of 5/15/2010: 29"
TOTAL LOSS: 0" (Which I also don't want to lose my thighs, I just want them to be toned as can be)

Calves PREVIOUSLY: 18"
Calves as of 5/15/2010: 17.5"

I wasn't shocked at seeing the results, except for the amount around my hips where my pants lay... that was an awesome surprise! But I was shocked at seeing it so quickly. This is why I have never tried to lose weight with dieting, its so much healthier and easier doing it via working out. Yo-yo dieting is the most dangerous thing for your heart and general health. Taking supplements isn't want I'm talking about, I mean trying the newest, greatest, fastest diet that's sure to make you bikini ready in 2weeks. If you can commit to the life style change a diet takes then yes, it will work, maybe not in 2weeks but it will work and you will look fabulous but it takes a LIFE STYLE change to do it. It takes hard work no matter what you do to make your body the best it can be. Also let me add, I believe everyone should work out to be toned, not just thickens, but fairies (skinny girls) should too!! We were out last night and happened to see this woman who had an AMAZING body, she had the coke bottle body, seriously, I wish I would've taken a picture of her, but, her legs were horrible looking, cellulite all over them. I don't have anything against cellulite, I have it on the back side of my legs and I never used to but getting toned up solves that!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Me time.

I've found that being a mom and a "wife" really takes up a lot of time. I remember days when I only needed to worry about getting myself ready and could do so in about 2 hours (shower, hair, make up and dressed) time wasn't a factor back then. Now, I find myself running late all the time and hardly having time to even brush my teeth let alone get my hair and make up done. Time is always a factor now and I, frankly, do not have ENOUGH time! I've forced myself to find ME time and started working out 2weeks ago. I know it hasn't been very long but everything has to start somewhere. I seriously feel like a NEW woman. It's amazing what some ME time will do for you. It's also amazing what working out period does for you. I'm finding myself excited to go to the gym, choosing better things to eat and drink, and happy as hell when I accomplish a goal!!

Just last night I managed to push through 45minutes on the elliptical machine. It felt so great! Like I had just finished a marathon! Now, I can't take all the credit because I was starting to wimp out and was actually entertaining the idea of only doing 30minutes after the first 25minutes was behind me. Then, when I needed it most, my new ipod shuffle played a fabulous song..... "My chick bad, my chick hood, my chick does stuff that ya chick wish she could"...... This song isn't completely about me because I am not hood by any means BUT a majority of the song is about me! lol. I am already seeing results. My legs are looking leaner my stomach is getting tighter and my ass is looking juicier by the day!!!

Anyway, my point of this post was to tell you to take time out for yourself! Never let excuses run your life! You can ALWAYS make room for yourself. A manicure, pedi, a long shower in the morning. Staying balanced keeps you healthy and staying healthy keeps you balanced and makes you feel amazing!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello Summer!

Hello Summer...... We've been waiting/dreading your arrival. Now that you are here before I am summer body ready, all I can do is bust my ass more in the gym so I can wear less clothes during your 5month stay..... Oh, the joys of being a thicken in Las Vegas.

This was spurred by the fact that I had to fight (literally, I have marks to prove it) with my car and this stupid recalled crib/toddler bed. I was down there for 30+ minutes trying to fit this pile of wood and metal into the car, which by the way will be replaced by this fall. It was hot today! I'm wearing shorts and a tank top and still sweating like I just came out of the gym. Ew, gross I know. Then once I get to this blessed store I will most likely get it out in under 2minutes........ why? why couldn't it just be that simple going in as opposed to.... well... if it were hard to get it out it might be called labor... haha.... ok sorry enough with the mommy stuff and on to the reason you're actually here...... My journey to my best me!

Last time I left you I was headed to the gym here at my house, hahaha, a lot of good that did. I had to push AJ up about 25 stairs to only be on the machine for about 15minutes, then push her back down those same 25 stairs because I couldn't get a decent work out in with her screaming and crying. Then, we didn't go to the gym Sunday night... ugh!
Monday- I actually had lost my ID card to the gym so of course I had to go BUY another one... Fabulous! I get to the gym, pay for the new ID card, which by the way does me no justice whatsoever. I get into the gym and immediately get to my NEW machine which over looks the pool and a grassy area, ahhh "nature" in the city, so calming. Well, there are only 2 elliptical machines up there and one of them already happened to be taken, taken by a young, hot blond chick who was most likely on the volleyball/track team. I did my 30minutes of cardio and almost died! See, this is why I have a love/hate relationship with the off days..... you struggle to get back to where you were even after one day, usually only when you're first starting out but still. I was so slow and sweating like crazy, I thought at one point I might even just drop to the floor. I kept pushing myself though.... 20minutes, "You got this Karie, go go go, Only 10more minutes to go!!!" (ps. maybe I should also state that I had to walk from the gym to the area where they make the cards and back which is about 1/2mile, in a work out jacket, tank, and pants and it was pretty hot yesterday too) "5more minutes Karie you can do it you can do it!!" I jump off right after I'm done, clean up the machine, stop by to say hi to a friend and off again I was home to go to school by 530pm.... which at that time it was 330pm. After school we went back to the gym and for some odd reason I was SO tired yesterday, I didn't do any extra cardio like I planned/wanted to. I did however, do all the other work outs, crunches, squats, arms, and reverse leg lifts. Overall it was a good work out. Today though is another off day..... I will probably go to the gym again tomorrow before classes even earlier though, then go back to the gym tomorrow night. I will let you all know how it goes!

P.S. E says he's already starting to notice a difference!!!!!! =D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I got this!!!!!

I appologize in advance this one will be kinda long!

Monday - was another regular day in the gym, we actually had my mother in law watch AJ so we could go to the gym together after I got out of school. C-which is E's best friend/brother was already there and it was the first time I had seen him in almost 2years. After saying hello we walked toward the bathroom I go in and when I come out literally 2mins later the guys are already down stairs trying to hook C up with a chick we (E and I) seen on the way in. I'm like wow you guys waste no time what so ever lol

I jump on my trusty elliptical machine and it happens to be the same one every time... that's MY machine, we have a love hate relationship, its in perfect view to see all of the televisions, to make sure that my stuff isn't hangin out anywhere, its just a good machine =) I start peddling, inputting the stats and here comes mr. know it all, TELLING me what I need to be doing... "EXCUSE ME?!" I know what I need to do! I don't need YOU here baby sitting me. He eventually goes up stairs after a brief disagreement and leaves me the hell alone. I finish my 30mins like a pro and feel pretty damn good, then I'm off to do crunches leg lifts and inner/outter thighs. I finish everything and damn if I'm not beat. We say good bye to C and go pick up AJ.

Tuesday- For whatever reason we woke up late as hell, I mean LATE!! We had 3hours til E had to go to work. Which meant we had 2hours to go to the gym and get some other things done. Needless to say I was on the elliptical machine in our complex for 15minutes. Why was I struggling to do those 15minutes??? When I got home I did my crunches and leg lifts and some punches with my 5lb weights. I also knocked out some squats with my 10lb "rope" ...... this day wasn't too eventful! UGH!

Wednesday- Was a crazy windy day, I swear this weather is going through menopause!! I got out of school early because apparently my teacher has better things to do the week before finals... anyway, we get to the gym at 9pm and again C is already waiting for us. E decides its time to go run on the track... I haven't even prepared myself for running yet but apparently I "need" to listen to him. I am a very competitive person so if someone says I can't do something then I prove them wrong. So we go up to the track and 1 I don't like heights yet this thing is on the 4th floor of the gym WHY?! I stretch out really quick and we start jogging, I get through the first lap, then comes the second......... I get 1/4 of the way through it and need to stop, my legs are cramping and I get a cramp in my side, I still continue walking at a fast pace. E starts talking shit... he gets this trait from his father and doesn't realize that if you talk shit to me I get pissed off and refuse to do what you're wanting me to do. (Even after we've been together almost 4years you'd think he would get this by now) He feels it is criticism while I feel that it is straight shit talking. So I go to the bathroom to cool off for 2seconds and come back out and knock out another lap like its nothing even though I feel like I'm going to die on the inside. Then I told him "If you're gonna talk shit then I don't want to work out with you, that's not how you motivate me, if anything you're discouraging me and pissing me the hell off" He in turn says "Then you need to find a female to work out with you and tell you all that foo foo shit" I ignore him and stay away from him the rest of the night because I came here to work out not to fight. So I handle my business, Crunches (CHECK), Reverse leg lifts on a stability half ball (CHECK), 200 inner/outter thigh work outs (CHECK), 100 Triceps (CHECK), Then its 30mins of the elliptical. I jump on this time on a different machine, this machine happens to be over looking the pool, I needed a tranquil area this time. So I put in the weight, age and the time, I lower the crossramp to 1 and put the level up to 6 and away I go...... at this point I am still angry over what happened with E so I'm glad to be alone with no one on either side of me. I'm going at 150strides per minute and every 10% that passes I raise the crossramp 1 level so by 15minutes I'm still going, pacing my breathing, checking my heart rate and I'm in the cardio-high peak range (160-178) FABULOUS! I'm literally working my ass off. Then some guy feels the need to get onto the machine RIGHT next to me on the left. I'm looking forward and I can see him in the reflection, every 3minutes he looks over at my machine checking the strides, calories and minutes that I've been going and is trying to go as fast as I am but can't do it. What are you mad that a thicken is whoopin ass on this machine??????? By the way, he was an asian guy, and I have nothing against asians except the fact that their women have beyond perfect genes. A coworker E used to work with had her baby 5-6months after I gave birth to AJ and the only thing that got bigger on her were her boobs. I don't even think she got stretch marks!!! I digress. I've noticed asians seem to judge thickens more then any other ethnicity or gender even for that matter. So for me to have whooped his ass while I was doing me was kinda funny especially since he was so worried about what I was doing. When I got off my machine I walked over to E and C, I was all red, sweaty and felt FABULOUS!!!!
C asks me "Are you tired?"

I just laugh and say "not really, I feel great!"

E says, "Yea I told C you must be pissed at me because you where on there forever and busting ass!"

My reply was "That's what I do EVERY DAY which is why I got so pissed at you in the first place, apparently I come to the gym to look at everyone else working out"

E says "Well, you did really good! I guess it just seemed longer because this time I was actually watching you"

Me "I told you, I don't need you telling me what to do in here I GOT THIS!!"

Thrusday- We end up waking up late again and gotta go gotta go!! Thrusdays are usually pretty busy, drop E off at work, Drop AJ off at Nana's then take my ass to school on the other side of the city. There was no time for working out.

Friday- Again no time for working out!

Saturday- Stuggling making my ass go to the gym, instead I am finishing up this blog to you guys. I don't know why but I can't stand the gym here in the complex. 1 It is not very stroller friendly, there are crazy stairs I have to try to get AJ and her stroller up, and down when I leave. The machine isn't MY machine from our other gym, there's no air circulation and nothing to distract me while I'm doing the work out. But I am off to do the work out because I can not let you guys or myself down.

My goals for this week coming up ending on Monday 10.

Crunches- 200 up; 100 each side
Leg Lifts- 3 reps of 20

Revers leg lifts-2 reps of 20 each leg
Squats- 3 reps of 10 with 15lb bar
Ballet (sumo) squats- 3 reps of 10 with a 35lb weight
Inner/outter thighs: 5 reps of 20 each direction with an increase weight up to 150

Punches with 5lb weights: 5 reps of 10
Revers push up (Triceps): 3 reps of 10
Push ups: 3 reps of 10

Elliptical Machine: 2 sessions of 30mins.
Jogging: 4 laps 1 walking 3 jogging

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mode amazing trouve (Amazing fashion finds)

Bonjour Mesdames, j'ai trouvé quelques sites merveilleux qui fournissent des vêtements épaissir. (Hello Ladies, I have found some wonderful websites that provide thicken clothing. I felt speaking french while talking about fashion was extremely appropriate!)

While I was rummaging around online I found a few not so expensive apparel websites. The first one which is Modcloth is specifically for thickens and have some really cute things, I plan on buying some soon. Skirts and shorts and dresses OH MY!!! Jones new york as well and while I understand this store isn't for younger women, they do AT TIMES have some fabulous finds. That's what fashion is all about, finding those fabulous once in a life time finds that are essential to a wardrobe and can be worn all seasons for a couple years even. I actually found 2 winter jackets from Jones New York that I've had for 3years now and they still look brand new. I don't use them every year, instead I use the 1year on 1year off system, that way it always stays new and people don't realize that its actually the same piece. Here is a perfect example of a staple piece! Wendy Williams actually wears Jones New York a lot, mostly skirts from what I've seen and if ya don't believe me take a look for your self lol

How about jeans?? I personally have the hardest time trying to find jeans! My ass and thighs are too big. Well, I heard about Not Your Daughters Jeans from Wendy Williams and they actually sell them out here in Vegas. I will be trying a pair on soon and let you guys know what I think and I'll even try to take pictures, as long as they have my size in the store! While I was looking at their website, I noticed "Win a free Pair" Of course I signed up and during the sign up they ask for your jean size... wait for it....they go up to a size 24 in misses, petites, and womens!!!! GASP!! Not only do they have jeans but they also have skirts and shorts and trousers! OH MY!!!

And of course, Since I am a Wendy fan I was watching today and she had a woman by the name of Charla Krup who wrote a book entitled "How to Never Look Fat Again" which is about women and hiding their fat. I will check that book out, I'm sure she's got some great tips that I haven't heard of yet. A few no nos are, short hair, light washed jeans, too tight of jeans/pants on big hips, also too short of shirts on big hips, shes not recommending hiding our hips and butt just making sure to get a little bit of a longer shirt. As far as pluses go, bigger bangles, bigger bags, longer hair, and V-neck shirts is good for EVERYONE! She also said "did you know that the AVERAGE size in this country for women is a 14!! The average breast size is 38DD!" In that case, my question is, if we are average then why is it so hard to find clothing for our sizes and shapes????

New Thicken shows

I heard about this the other night but because of finals I've been kinda busy and haven't had a chance to blog.

Apparently, David Hasselhoff has 2 teen girls who are thickens! One of those girls was supposed to be in a television show by the name of "Huge"... I personally don't agree with that title, but hey, its not my show lol... and she would be playing a girl named Amber, who was the slimmest and hottest girl at the weight loss camp... well surprise surprise, ABC didn't bring the show to air.... kinda makes you wonder if the stuff with Lane Bryant might have some legitimacy after all?? Not that I doubted it to begin with. But wait, there's another twist.... AHEM.... Suddenly with in the last couple of days, ABC announced they are airing the show this summer...... odd don't you think?

They also have a new reality show on A&E with their dad about him being a single father and them wanting to become singers.... I guess my question to ABC is .... Did you have a change of heart or are you only doing this to show face and play nice in the lawsuit??? Didn't you "guys" think this out before deciding that NOW is the time to announce when the show will air?? Suddenly, out of the 'blue' thickens are good enough to have their own show.... odd ABC purely "ODD!!"

How do you ladies feel about this??

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lane Bryant anyone???

Hey Ladies!!

Well yesterday was my first day back at the gym and my God!! I missed it sooo much!! I am still going to post the pictures and measurements so everyone can follow and maybe even pick up some ideas or motivation. But that's not what I'm blogging about today...............

While being at the gym yesterday I seen something on Nancy Grace that shocked the hell out of me!!


"ALLEGEDLY" ABC/Fox wouldn't play the new Lane Bryant commercial during the prime time which is during "Dancing with the Stars" but yet they played the Victoria secret ad at the half hour mark of Dancing with the stars. Which shows everything but their souls which is what the author Erin Donnelly said. I don't understand why they would play a Victoria Secret commerical which is WAY worse then 1 woman who's cleavage is WAY bigger and better then the itty bitty tity commitees YET they had cleavage too!!!!!!!

I hope Lane Bryant sues the hell out of them and wins!!! I can't believe that a major network who happens to be a part of Disney, who by the way, should have leapt at the chance to show younger girls to love THEIR bodies at any size and that womanly curves are just as beautiful and sexy too!!! I personally am going to find out which tv channels/companies they own and boycott them all even if that means I will never see the news again!!

What do you guys think? Do you guys feel the company has the right to do these things and decide for others what beautiful is????

By the way, the model is Ashley Graham and she is absolutely gorgeous!! Here is what she had to say about the drama going on!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion tips...

Hola World!!!

I loveeeeeeeeeee fashion!!!! Next to hair (first) and make up (a close second) FASHION is my freakin fave!!!

Most of us are either hour glass or pear shaped.... if you are a different body shape PLEASE email me at "Ohmythicknessblog@gmail.com" and I will up date this or make a new post specified for your body shape!!...... The best dresses for hour glass (I am a mix between hour glass and pear, my waist is actually VERY small, but I don't have large breast BUT my shoulders are proportionate to my hips) are wrap dresses, I understand DVF (Diane Von Fostenburge) may be expensive but that is the BEST/first wrap dress ever created, which is why I am posting a picture of one.
This one is perfect because it ties at the smallest part and drops so your curves are shown off. The jersey material is perfect for spring and summer. Pattern pattern pattern!!! I will post a picture of one I bought its not a tie but it does have a band and a great pattern that I love. Its a little long for my taste and I'd like to get it shortened which is very easy to do so once you find a good tailor. The next dress is also a DVF dress and I happen to love it because I am a pin up at heart and it totally brings me back to that time when I see it.This one happens to be linen or cotton. This one is perfect as well because it hits above the knee so its not too long, it has a thicker tie and REALLY accentuates your waist and if you don't like the more clingy material such as jersey this would be a perfect alternative!

As for shoes with these you can wear heels, wedges (cork wedges are perfect), and even flats depending on the shoe and dress length.

If you have any questions on this topic OR about a particular outfit you have in mind please feel free to email or leave a comment and I will answer via blog and email as soon as I get a chance!!

Bye for now!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The truth

I hate to load up the page on the first day but I am trying to give you all a sense of me and show that I am serious about this blog.....

I have always been a "Thicken" (the NEW official term of endearment for thick women). I can remember growing up and being teased for the body that I had not yet grown into. In junior high I remember having to buy shorts biweekly because my hips kept growing, I went from a size five to a size fourteen by the end of the school year. By high school I was a little taller and things had seemed to be "fitting together." I did gain some more weight even though I was VERY active in Physical education freshmen year. Even though I was always the first one to finish the mile or the lap in warm ups, I was still the first one to be teased. Which is why the comments people made about me such as "you should lose some weight" or "you shouldn't be eating that" have always stuck with me.

Women like Michelle Obama, Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Wendy Williams, Monique, America Ferrea and Toccara Jones, just to name a few, are women who are paving the way FOR US! They may struggle with weight issues and with comments (I know Khloe and Toccara especially do) but look at how much they LOVE themselves. Now, don't get me wrong ladies, there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy. I believe everyone should be taking care of themselves and be the best them they can be.

To this day that pressure to become thin and something other then who I really am has been branded in the back of my mind. Every time I see a skinny woman on a magazine cover or a television ad for tampons, they are all skinny women. I have since just embraced my thicken body and realized that no matter how "Skinny" I become I will always be what someone else considers fat..... So why not love me for who I am and what I have?

There is always going to be something that someone doesn't like about themselves and even what they don't like about YOU. I've heard skinny women say "I'm fat" I've heard some women say "I wish I had a bigger ass" and those bigger assed women say "I can't stand my big ass." We always think the grass is greener until we get on to the other side. Which is why I feel so strongly about this blog. I have a 2 year old little girl and I don't want her to feel the pressure I felt as a
child. I know I can't change societies views but I can greatly influence the views of my daughter, I want her to see me loving the body God gave me because I've heard one too many stories about women who loath the bodies they were given and their children loathing their own shape because they've viewed their mother struggling with it. Its a vicious circle that MUST be broken!!!

I believe its time to become royalty again. Like I previous posted, back in roman empirical times we thickens were the shit. We were consider beautiful and sexy and some how, skinny women have taken that over for themselves. Back in those times skinny women were peasants and considered poor, too poor to even eat. I love the fact that Jessica Simpson has the new television show to depict those cultures that LOVE thicken women.

So, this is for those women who are counting calories to become the next "skinny minnie," the women who come out to the club but didn't get hit on, the women who just had a child and happens to have a little extra, the women who were given a disgusting look while eating food, the girls who didn't get asked out to the prom, those who are too embarrassed to go to the pool or beach, those who have friends that are smaller then you, those who can't find clothes that fit you while shopping, those who get looks from the corner of others eyes, those unsaid words that are ultimately understood, and to those who have had eating disorders because all they truly want is to fit in to society's mold for all women. Oh My Thickness!!! Was created just for you!


Once upon a time women who were thick were thought of as beautiful, regal, wealthy, royal, and sexy. How we went from that to being seen as the scum of the earth I shall never understand. I created this blog for one reason and one reason only, for women who have curves and LOVE those curves. I will be using this blog to share my trials and tribulations, my work out routines, my fashion and beauty tips and mainly as an outlet for women who are like me. While this picture depicts women who are only of white origin, this blog is for all women of every race, background, and culture.

I love my thickness. I'm proud of my thickness. I flaunt my thickness.