Thursday, August 26, 2010

The basics

I am a firm believer that goals should be written down and posted where you can see them daily. This is me writing it down, I am also going to make an area in the house where it can be seen and I even found a thermometer from Dotties Weight Loss Zone that will help too. That site has a lot of good info as far as sticking with the weight watchers plan with out paying for it. She has a list of restaurants with the points for each item, recipes, and just about anything else you could possibly think of and even somethings you didn't think of!! I plan on printing this out and each time I get closer and closer to my goal weight I can visually see how my progress is going. Just an example. I was 230 now I 218 which is about a 5% loss so far. Which has been documented on this thermometer>>>

Heart rate:
While working out its extremely important to be sure you're in the correct ranges. It is called a training zone. It is vital to increasing you aerobic ability/capacity. Your MHR = 200bpm (beats per minute) – your age

I'm 23 years old so my maximum heart rate is 200-23=177

177x.55=97bmp; 177x.85=151bmp

Keeping your heart rate between these levels will ensure you are getting the most burn for the work out. The reason these are so important is because during strength training your heart rate isn't going to be as high as if you were doing cardio but, you will be burning more calories for a longer amount of time then just with cardio alone. This I will get into more later in this post.

You can buy a heart rate monitor, it can be worn just like a wrist watch. For those of you who do not want to buy one you can also take your pulse randomly through out your work out by using your right index and middle finger over the right side of your neck, where a guys adam apple would be, by counting the beats, at least 15 to 20 seconds, and multiplying that number to get the number of beats per minute.

Metabolism: The only way to get your metabolism up is by eating every 4hours. When I say eat every 4hours please don't think I mean large meals. You should be eating small portions. Some protein, some fruit, some veggies. There is actually a diet I'm considering trying. Its called "The 3hour diet." Essentially, you in take about 1450 calories a day. 400 Calorie breakfast, 3hours later a 100 calorie snack, 3hours later 400 calorie lunch, 3hours later another 100 calorie snack, then 3hours later a 400 calorie dinner and then you can have another 100 calorie snack 3hours before bed!

Strength Training: Even for woman it is great to do strength training. Its like a push up bra. Every woman should wear one because it puts the "girls" where they are SUPPOSED TO BE, even if you have large breast. (Helpful hint from working at Victoria Secret) Strength training is amazing for the body. It helps with posture, tones your muscles and just makes your body look better. Increases the body's metabolism in turn makes the body burn more calories through out the day. Surprisingly, it does not bulk up a woman's muscles, only tones as long as heavy weights aren't used. Improves balance, flexibility and coordination. Improves the overall condition of the heart. Assists in restoring and increasing bone density. Prevents injury. Also, if you're going to do strength training, try to focus on one part of the body per day. What I do is I'll do cardio daily, abs daily but then I'll do back and legs, and then the next day I'll do arms.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Even though I'm not over my sinus infection, I had the most amazing birthday!! Thank you to those of you who showed up, you guys made my night! Which by the way was Thursday the 19th and according to E, I still have another week left! We had an amazing time, E got a table, a bottle and we had crazy fun! Oh and I lost 7lbs, which surpassed my goal of only 5lbs! As for everything else I've had to stop because if you work out while being sick you can become even sicker then what you were supposed to be and you can even make your cold last longer. I did however start feeling better and went and worked out Wednesday the 18th and it made my congestion worse... so here I sit still awaiting my arrival back into the gym. Although, I have been doing some extra research lately on tips, tricks, and eating correctly. Stayyyy tuned!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Gets sick just 9days before their birthday???? MEEEEE!! That's who! I didn't intentionally try to get sick mind you, I was only trying to be a good mother and comfort AJ while she was sick. While attempting to do so I was sneezed on, coughed on and slobbered on. She even slept in my bed there for my pillow was infected as well. I was doomed from the start!

I'm slightly upset because you're not supposed to work out while sick. It can cause you to become dehydrated, and get sicker then what you were originally going to be because it pushes the infection/virus through your system continuously/faster. I was finally getting to a point where I actually felt I knew what I was doing. I had just increased my repetitions and I was attempting to lose 5lbs before the 19th! I already dropped 2lbs I was almost there! BLAH on the fate of getting sick!! I've been pumping meds and fluids since last night so I'm PRAYING I will get over this quickly! I really want to get back into the gym AND better before my birthday because that's totally gonna suck!

How are you all feeling??? Any updates you would like to share?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coming to a realization

There are many times when I'm literally saying "No I don't want to go to the gym. So, I'm not going to the gym!" I have an issue with rebelling still and I'm almost 23 lol!!

I don't think it has to do with not wanting it because I want it so bad I can actually visualize myself in all the new clothes that E has promised me....this is a promise he doesn't know about but will have no complaints when I actually pull it off! lol I know I'm so bad!! Like I was saying, I can see myself in the body I want which is a big thing for obtaining goals you've set for yourself. I think one main reason I am able to visualize myself like this is because I was once in the body that I, during that time, thought was so horrible, but now I am dying to look like that again...... Here's a picture.....But one of my biggest problem is I am lazy. Lazy as hell. Yes, I can admit it!! As much as I'm lazy, I'm an even bigger procrastinator!! Along with those two I am a foodie. I LOVE food. Which is my biggest problem of them all. Like I noted in an earlier post. My body burns about 1900 calories but I'm INTAKING about 2900 calories. I'm eating/drinking 1000 more then I can burn which explains these extra pounds that are so difficult to get rid of.

I've come to a conclusion. Officially with out going back because once its in "writing" its out for good, when it comes to goals that is!

After much boasting about how I will lose this weight with out changing my diet and realizing that after 3months with very little change its obviously not working, then having the proof that of caloric intake/burning. I have to change! When I blogged about the calories I started weight watchers program. It onlylasted a couple days.

I am going to start the program again tomorrow morning. I will allow myself 1 cheat day since like I said I am a foodie. We often go out to eat at restaurants and when that happens I know I wont be able to eat the normal foods I would have eaten and if I do I wont be able to eat as much. I am allowed 29 points a day which will MAKE me drink more water because like I said, I'm a foodie and I'd rather eat food then drink something that tastes great lol!! Lord help me I need prayers with this. I know I am a strong person but I'm not sure I can keep the strength that is needed for this. In fact... I will actually start posting what I'm eating, how many points it is every day.

The power of the incline

Recently I started intervals with an incline. I've always been doing intervals, but since I love my booty and would like to keep it the size it is or bigger, I added the incline, walking/running at an incline actually helps those booty muscles. Incline intervals are amazing. I love them with all my heart.

I was up to 45minutes running intervals prior to adding the inclines. I started off at 10minutes with a 1% incline, then 2-3days later I increased the incline to 1.5% and now I'm at a 2% I was able to go for 30minutes last night. I'm trying to get back to 45minutes at 2% and then increase it again to 2.5 and then 3% and keep this trend until I make it to 5% and then I'll decide if I'll go up some more.

I also do intervals on the elliptical machine. I'll start at a lower level and increase to a 3-4 level difference at whatever they have their interval minutes at.

Here is some more info about intervals and why they are so great for our bodies.

I feel off.......

I'm seriously so ashamed of myself guys...

I was doing so fabulously well and then Aaliyah'sbirthday came, along with the cake, pizza, soda, ice cream as well as not working out for 5days and then working out only twice after that.

Lets get to business....... here's the details from June....

WAIST- 37"
HIPS- 48"
CALVES- 17.5"
WEIGHT- 221Lbs! (REMEMBER: This weight is actually wrong so I was really 224)

Here are July's details

NECK: 15"
ARMS: 14"
CHEST: 41"
RIBS: 39"
WAIST: 39"
HIPS: 48"
THIGHS: 28" at the biggest part which is at the top right under my goodies.... My actual thigh is at 25" which is down 2" from the very first measure and I never included it.
CALVES: 17.5"
WEIGHT: 224 Still.

The good news I am good at maintaining weight, and I did drop an inch on my arms which I am ecstatic about! I've always hated my arms. Even when I was in dance and softball. They were always on the chubbier side.... but now even at a resting position I'm seeing the definition of my triceps!!

On the 19th is my birthday so these next 2weeks I'll be working out daily maybe some days twice a day. I'm also going to change my diet as best as I can. I want to look good for my bday and fit into a dress I've had my eye on for a while..... ugh. the pressure.

I do however feel horrible for not sticking with it. I feel better now that its out there and you all know about it lol I've given up on the pictures lol.