Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fitness - if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.

I am forever sorry for leaving you all for the past week. Its been hellish with finals, mothers day and more finals. I figured out I have lied to you all about when I started working out. It was actually a Sunday in April, the 25th to be exact. The previous pictures I took were indeed on the 30th, the measurements were also on the 30th of April. And I am here to tell you all, I just measured myself out of pure curiosity (I expect instant gratification and I'm apparently getting it) I've been noticing a difference when it comes to the way somethings fit, or even how I look in the mirror and so I was curious, and a little anxious, so I whipped out the trusty measuring tape, yes, the same one that was used no more then 2weeks ago. The results are amazing!!!!!

Arms as of 5/15/2010: 15"

Chest PREVIOUSLY: 42.5"
Chest as of 5/15/2010: 41.5"

Waist as of 5/15/2010: 38"

Hips (Where my pants lay) PREVIOUSLY: 49"
Hips as of 5/15/2010: 47"

Hips (Fullest butt area) PREVIOUSLY: 51"
Hips as of 5/15/2010: 49.5"
TOTAL LOSS: 1.5" (Which I don't want to lose my ass I want it to be perky and round)

Thighs PREVIOUSLY: 29"
Thighs as of 5/15/2010: 29"
TOTAL LOSS: 0" (Which I also don't want to lose my thighs, I just want them to be toned as can be)

Calves PREVIOUSLY: 18"
Calves as of 5/15/2010: 17.5"

I wasn't shocked at seeing the results, except for the amount around my hips where my pants lay... that was an awesome surprise! But I was shocked at seeing it so quickly. This is why I have never tried to lose weight with dieting, its so much healthier and easier doing it via working out. Yo-yo dieting is the most dangerous thing for your heart and general health. Taking supplements isn't want I'm talking about, I mean trying the newest, greatest, fastest diet that's sure to make you bikini ready in 2weeks. If you can commit to the life style change a diet takes then yes, it will work, maybe not in 2weeks but it will work and you will look fabulous but it takes a LIFE STYLE change to do it. It takes hard work no matter what you do to make your body the best it can be. Also let me add, I believe everyone should work out to be toned, not just thickens, but fairies (skinny girls) should too!! We were out last night and happened to see this woman who had an AMAZING body, she had the coke bottle body, seriously, I wish I would've taken a picture of her, but, her legs were horrible looking, cellulite all over them. I don't have anything against cellulite, I have it on the back side of my legs and I never used to but getting toned up solves that!

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