Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello Summer!

Hello Summer...... We've been waiting/dreading your arrival. Now that you are here before I am summer body ready, all I can do is bust my ass more in the gym so I can wear less clothes during your 5month stay..... Oh, the joys of being a thicken in Las Vegas.

This was spurred by the fact that I had to fight (literally, I have marks to prove it) with my car and this stupid recalled crib/toddler bed. I was down there for 30+ minutes trying to fit this pile of wood and metal into the car, which by the way will be replaced by this fall. It was hot today! I'm wearing shorts and a tank top and still sweating like I just came out of the gym. Ew, gross I know. Then once I get to this blessed store I will most likely get it out in under 2minutes........ why? why couldn't it just be that simple going in as opposed to.... well... if it were hard to get it out it might be called labor... haha.... ok sorry enough with the mommy stuff and on to the reason you're actually here...... My journey to my best me!

Last time I left you I was headed to the gym here at my house, hahaha, a lot of good that did. I had to push AJ up about 25 stairs to only be on the machine for about 15minutes, then push her back down those same 25 stairs because I couldn't get a decent work out in with her screaming and crying. Then, we didn't go to the gym Sunday night... ugh!
Monday- I actually had lost my ID card to the gym so of course I had to go BUY another one... Fabulous! I get to the gym, pay for the new ID card, which by the way does me no justice whatsoever. I get into the gym and immediately get to my NEW machine which over looks the pool and a grassy area, ahhh "nature" in the city, so calming. Well, there are only 2 elliptical machines up there and one of them already happened to be taken, taken by a young, hot blond chick who was most likely on the volleyball/track team. I did my 30minutes of cardio and almost died! See, this is why I have a love/hate relationship with the off days..... you struggle to get back to where you were even after one day, usually only when you're first starting out but still. I was so slow and sweating like crazy, I thought at one point I might even just drop to the floor. I kept pushing myself though.... 20minutes, "You got this Karie, go go go, Only 10more minutes to go!!!" (ps. maybe I should also state that I had to walk from the gym to the area where they make the cards and back which is about 1/2mile, in a work out jacket, tank, and pants and it was pretty hot yesterday too) "5more minutes Karie you can do it you can do it!!" I jump off right after I'm done, clean up the machine, stop by to say hi to a friend and off again I was home to go to school by 530pm.... which at that time it was 330pm. After school we went back to the gym and for some odd reason I was SO tired yesterday, I didn't do any extra cardio like I planned/wanted to. I did however, do all the other work outs, crunches, squats, arms, and reverse leg lifts. Overall it was a good work out. Today though is another off day..... I will probably go to the gym again tomorrow before classes even earlier though, then go back to the gym tomorrow night. I will let you all know how it goes!

P.S. E says he's already starting to notice a difference!!!!!! =D

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