Saturday, May 1, 2010

I got this!!!!!

I appologize in advance this one will be kinda long!

Monday - was another regular day in the gym, we actually had my mother in law watch AJ so we could go to the gym together after I got out of school. C-which is E's best friend/brother was already there and it was the first time I had seen him in almost 2years. After saying hello we walked toward the bathroom I go in and when I come out literally 2mins later the guys are already down stairs trying to hook C up with a chick we (E and I) seen on the way in. I'm like wow you guys waste no time what so ever lol

I jump on my trusty elliptical machine and it happens to be the same one every time... that's MY machine, we have a love hate relationship, its in perfect view to see all of the televisions, to make sure that my stuff isn't hangin out anywhere, its just a good machine =) I start peddling, inputting the stats and here comes mr. know it all, TELLING me what I need to be doing... "EXCUSE ME?!" I know what I need to do! I don't need YOU here baby sitting me. He eventually goes up stairs after a brief disagreement and leaves me the hell alone. I finish my 30mins like a pro and feel pretty damn good, then I'm off to do crunches leg lifts and inner/outter thighs. I finish everything and damn if I'm not beat. We say good bye to C and go pick up AJ.

Tuesday- For whatever reason we woke up late as hell, I mean LATE!! We had 3hours til E had to go to work. Which meant we had 2hours to go to the gym and get some other things done. Needless to say I was on the elliptical machine in our complex for 15minutes. Why was I struggling to do those 15minutes??? When I got home I did my crunches and leg lifts and some punches with my 5lb weights. I also knocked out some squats with my 10lb "rope" ...... this day wasn't too eventful! UGH!

Wednesday- Was a crazy windy day, I swear this weather is going through menopause!! I got out of school early because apparently my teacher has better things to do the week before finals... anyway, we get to the gym at 9pm and again C is already waiting for us. E decides its time to go run on the track... I haven't even prepared myself for running yet but apparently I "need" to listen to him. I am a very competitive person so if someone says I can't do something then I prove them wrong. So we go up to the track and 1 I don't like heights yet this thing is on the 4th floor of the gym WHY?! I stretch out really quick and we start jogging, I get through the first lap, then comes the second......... I get 1/4 of the way through it and need to stop, my legs are cramping and I get a cramp in my side, I still continue walking at a fast pace. E starts talking shit... he gets this trait from his father and doesn't realize that if you talk shit to me I get pissed off and refuse to do what you're wanting me to do. (Even after we've been together almost 4years you'd think he would get this by now) He feels it is criticism while I feel that it is straight shit talking. So I go to the bathroom to cool off for 2seconds and come back out and knock out another lap like its nothing even though I feel like I'm going to die on the inside. Then I told him "If you're gonna talk shit then I don't want to work out with you, that's not how you motivate me, if anything you're discouraging me and pissing me the hell off" He in turn says "Then you need to find a female to work out with you and tell you all that foo foo shit" I ignore him and stay away from him the rest of the night because I came here to work out not to fight. So I handle my business, Crunches (CHECK), Reverse leg lifts on a stability half ball (CHECK), 200 inner/outter thigh work outs (CHECK), 100 Triceps (CHECK), Then its 30mins of the elliptical. I jump on this time on a different machine, this machine happens to be over looking the pool, I needed a tranquil area this time. So I put in the weight, age and the time, I lower the crossramp to 1 and put the level up to 6 and away I go...... at this point I am still angry over what happened with E so I'm glad to be alone with no one on either side of me. I'm going at 150strides per minute and every 10% that passes I raise the crossramp 1 level so by 15minutes I'm still going, pacing my breathing, checking my heart rate and I'm in the cardio-high peak range (160-178) FABULOUS! I'm literally working my ass off. Then some guy feels the need to get onto the machine RIGHT next to me on the left. I'm looking forward and I can see him in the reflection, every 3minutes he looks over at my machine checking the strides, calories and minutes that I've been going and is trying to go as fast as I am but can't do it. What are you mad that a thicken is whoopin ass on this machine??????? By the way, he was an asian guy, and I have nothing against asians except the fact that their women have beyond perfect genes. A coworker E used to work with had her baby 5-6months after I gave birth to AJ and the only thing that got bigger on her were her boobs. I don't even think she got stretch marks!!! I digress. I've noticed asians seem to judge thickens more then any other ethnicity or gender even for that matter. So for me to have whooped his ass while I was doing me was kinda funny especially since he was so worried about what I was doing. When I got off my machine I walked over to E and C, I was all red, sweaty and felt FABULOUS!!!!
C asks me "Are you tired?"

I just laugh and say "not really, I feel great!"

E says, "Yea I told C you must be pissed at me because you where on there forever and busting ass!"

My reply was "That's what I do EVERY DAY which is why I got so pissed at you in the first place, apparently I come to the gym to look at everyone else working out"

E says "Well, you did really good! I guess it just seemed longer because this time I was actually watching you"

Me "I told you, I don't need you telling me what to do in here I GOT THIS!!"

Thrusday- We end up waking up late again and gotta go gotta go!! Thrusdays are usually pretty busy, drop E off at work, Drop AJ off at Nana's then take my ass to school on the other side of the city. There was no time for working out.

Friday- Again no time for working out!

Saturday- Stuggling making my ass go to the gym, instead I am finishing up this blog to you guys. I don't know why but I can't stand the gym here in the complex. 1 It is not very stroller friendly, there are crazy stairs I have to try to get AJ and her stroller up, and down when I leave. The machine isn't MY machine from our other gym, there's no air circulation and nothing to distract me while I'm doing the work out. But I am off to do the work out because I can not let you guys or myself down.

My goals for this week coming up ending on Monday 10.

Crunches- 200 up; 100 each side
Leg Lifts- 3 reps of 20

Revers leg lifts-2 reps of 20 each leg
Squats- 3 reps of 10 with 15lb bar
Ballet (sumo) squats- 3 reps of 10 with a 35lb weight
Inner/outter thighs: 5 reps of 20 each direction with an increase weight up to 150

Punches with 5lb weights: 5 reps of 10
Revers push up (Triceps): 3 reps of 10
Push ups: 3 reps of 10

Elliptical Machine: 2 sessions of 30mins.
Jogging: 4 laps 1 walking 3 jogging

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