Friday, April 30, 2010

Mode amazing trouve (Amazing fashion finds)

Bonjour Mesdames, j'ai trouvé quelques sites merveilleux qui fournissent des vêtements épaissir. (Hello Ladies, I have found some wonderful websites that provide thicken clothing. I felt speaking french while talking about fashion was extremely appropriate!)

While I was rummaging around online I found a few not so expensive apparel websites. The first one which is Modcloth is specifically for thickens and have some really cute things, I plan on buying some soon. Skirts and shorts and dresses OH MY!!! Jones new york as well and while I understand this store isn't for younger women, they do AT TIMES have some fabulous finds. That's what fashion is all about, finding those fabulous once in a life time finds that are essential to a wardrobe and can be worn all seasons for a couple years even. I actually found 2 winter jackets from Jones New York that I've had for 3years now and they still look brand new. I don't use them every year, instead I use the 1year on 1year off system, that way it always stays new and people don't realize that its actually the same piece. Here is a perfect example of a staple piece! Wendy Williams actually wears Jones New York a lot, mostly skirts from what I've seen and if ya don't believe me take a look for your self lol

How about jeans?? I personally have the hardest time trying to find jeans! My ass and thighs are too big. Well, I heard about Not Your Daughters Jeans from Wendy Williams and they actually sell them out here in Vegas. I will be trying a pair on soon and let you guys know what I think and I'll even try to take pictures, as long as they have my size in the store! While I was looking at their website, I noticed "Win a free Pair" Of course I signed up and during the sign up they ask for your jean size... wait for it....they go up to a size 24 in misses, petites, and womens!!!! GASP!! Not only do they have jeans but they also have skirts and shorts and trousers! OH MY!!!

And of course, Since I am a Wendy fan I was watching today and she had a woman by the name of Charla Krup who wrote a book entitled "How to Never Look Fat Again" which is about women and hiding their fat. I will check that book out, I'm sure she's got some great tips that I haven't heard of yet. A few no nos are, short hair, light washed jeans, too tight of jeans/pants on big hips, also too short of shirts on big hips, shes not recommending hiding our hips and butt just making sure to get a little bit of a longer shirt. As far as pluses go, bigger bangles, bigger bags, longer hair, and V-neck shirts is good for EVERYONE! She also said "did you know that the AVERAGE size in this country for women is a 14!! The average breast size is 38DD!" In that case, my question is, if we are average then why is it so hard to find clothing for our sizes and shapes????

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