Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lane Bryant anyone???

Hey Ladies!!

Well yesterday was my first day back at the gym and my God!! I missed it sooo much!! I am still going to post the pictures and measurements so everyone can follow and maybe even pick up some ideas or motivation. But that's not what I'm blogging about today...............

While being at the gym yesterday I seen something on Nancy Grace that shocked the hell out of me!!


"ALLEGEDLY" ABC/Fox wouldn't play the new Lane Bryant commercial during the prime time which is during "Dancing with the Stars" but yet they played the Victoria secret ad at the half hour mark of Dancing with the stars. Which shows everything but their souls which is what the author Erin Donnelly said. I don't understand why they would play a Victoria Secret commerical which is WAY worse then 1 woman who's cleavage is WAY bigger and better then the itty bitty tity commitees YET they had cleavage too!!!!!!!

I hope Lane Bryant sues the hell out of them and wins!!! I can't believe that a major network who happens to be a part of Disney, who by the way, should have leapt at the chance to show younger girls to love THEIR bodies at any size and that womanly curves are just as beautiful and sexy too!!! I personally am going to find out which tv channels/companies they own and boycott them all even if that means I will never see the news again!!

What do you guys think? Do you guys feel the company has the right to do these things and decide for others what beautiful is????

By the way, the model is Ashley Graham and she is absolutely gorgeous!! Here is what she had to say about the drama going on!


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