Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Gets sick just 9days before their birthday???? MEEEEE!! That's who! I didn't intentionally try to get sick mind you, I was only trying to be a good mother and comfort AJ while she was sick. While attempting to do so I was sneezed on, coughed on and slobbered on. She even slept in my bed there for my pillow was infected as well. I was doomed from the start!

I'm slightly upset because you're not supposed to work out while sick. It can cause you to become dehydrated, and get sicker then what you were originally going to be because it pushes the infection/virus through your system continuously/faster. I was finally getting to a point where I actually felt I knew what I was doing. I had just increased my repetitions and I was attempting to lose 5lbs before the 19th! I already dropped 2lbs I was almost there! BLAH on the fate of getting sick!! I've been pumping meds and fluids since last night so I'm PRAYING I will get over this quickly! I really want to get back into the gym AND better before my birthday because that's totally gonna suck!

How are you all feeling??? Any updates you would like to share?

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