Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I feel off.......

I'm seriously so ashamed of myself guys...

I was doing so fabulously well and then Aaliyah'sbirthday came, along with the cake, pizza, soda, ice cream as well as not working out for 5days and then working out only twice after that.

Lets get to business....... here's the details from June....

WAIST- 37"
HIPS- 48"
CALVES- 17.5"
WEIGHT- 221Lbs! (REMEMBER: This weight is actually wrong so I was really 224)

Here are July's details

NECK: 15"
ARMS: 14"
CHEST: 41"
RIBS: 39"
WAIST: 39"
HIPS: 48"
THIGHS: 28" at the biggest part which is at the top right under my goodies.... My actual thigh is at 25" which is down 2" from the very first measure and I never included it.
CALVES: 17.5"
WEIGHT: 224 Still.

The good news I am good at maintaining weight, and I did drop an inch on my arms which I am ecstatic about! I've always hated my arms. Even when I was in dance and softball. They were always on the chubbier side.... but now even at a resting position I'm seeing the definition of my triceps!!

On the 19th is my birthday so these next 2weeks I'll be working out daily maybe some days twice a day. I'm also going to change my diet as best as I can. I want to look good for my bday and fit into a dress I've had my eye on for a while..... ugh. the pressure.

I do however feel horrible for not sticking with it. I feel better now that its out there and you all know about it lol I've given up on the pictures lol.

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