Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Even though I'm not over my sinus infection, I had the most amazing birthday!! Thank you to those of you who showed up, you guys made my night! Which by the way was Thursday the 19th and according to E, I still have another week left! We had an amazing time, E got a table, a bottle and we had crazy fun! Oh and I lost 7lbs, which surpassed my goal of only 5lbs! As for everything else I've had to stop because if you work out while being sick you can become even sicker then what you were supposed to be and you can even make your cold last longer. I did however start feeling better and went and worked out Wednesday the 18th and it made my congestion worse... so here I sit still awaiting my arrival back into the gym. Although, I have been doing some extra research lately on tips, tricks, and eating correctly. Stayyyy tuned!!

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