Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion tips...

Hola World!!!

I loveeeeeeeeeee fashion!!!! Next to hair (first) and make up (a close second) FASHION is my freakin fave!!!

Most of us are either hour glass or pear shaped.... if you are a different body shape PLEASE email me at "Ohmythicknessblog@gmail.com" and I will up date this or make a new post specified for your body shape!!...... The best dresses for hour glass (I am a mix between hour glass and pear, my waist is actually VERY small, but I don't have large breast BUT my shoulders are proportionate to my hips) are wrap dresses, I understand DVF (Diane Von Fostenburge) may be expensive but that is the BEST/first wrap dress ever created, which is why I am posting a picture of one.
This one is perfect because it ties at the smallest part and drops so your curves are shown off. The jersey material is perfect for spring and summer. Pattern pattern pattern!!! I will post a picture of one I bought its not a tie but it does have a band and a great pattern that I love. Its a little long for my taste and I'd like to get it shortened which is very easy to do so once you find a good tailor. The next dress is also a DVF dress and I happen to love it because I am a pin up at heart and it totally brings me back to that time when I see it.This one happens to be linen or cotton. This one is perfect as well because it hits above the knee so its not too long, it has a thicker tie and REALLY accentuates your waist and if you don't like the more clingy material such as jersey this would be a perfect alternative!

As for shoes with these you can wear heels, wedges (cork wedges are perfect), and even flats depending on the shoe and dress length.

If you have any questions on this topic OR about a particular outfit you have in mind please feel free to email or leave a comment and I will answer via blog and email as soon as I get a chance!!

Bye for now!!


  1. I LOVE LOVE wrap dresses!!!! The ones you posted are staples in one's wardrobe in my opinion!

    Tip on skinny pants for the curvy sexy woman-
    I found a perfect pair of skinny pants. They are by Alice and Olivia. Not a jean material more of a pant with stretch. They are divineeeeeeeee! A little pricey ($198(but definitely worth it. I absolutely love mine!

  2. I totally agree!! OoOohhhhh Thanks for the tip!! Honestly I dont care if I spend a bit on staples! Such as black christian louboutins! They are a forever shoe in my eyes and why not get a good pair that you can have fixed???