Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Size does matter....

When it comes to your engagement ring sliding off your finger because you're losing so much weight......

I never knew I would see this day... I mean I always talked about it because the ring was slightly too large when he first gave it to me and I often said "I'll have it resized when I lose the rest of my weight" but I haven't even gotten close to my goal weight and I am almost needing to get it done now! How crazy.... do you see the size of the gap? That's not even showing the complete gap because I couldn't get the angle just right. I would say its about 1 full size larger then my finger now. AMAZINGGGGGGG! Maybe I'll go to the gym twice Wednesday!!


  1. Good news!!!! How are you with you goal right now? I have started walking again so hopefully I won't be too far behind you.