Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who wears short shorts? Moms wear short shorts!!

The other day I took AJ out to the park with a water pad, but before we got there we stopped for some lunch. Because we live in the desert and its EXTREMELY hot here I was wearing shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt. I personally didn't think there was anything wrong with wearing this attire since I am ONLY 22 and still find myself to be a vixen. I wasn't looking for attention from ANYONE and was just wearing something that was comfortable and that I could get some sun in.

We walked into said place of food-a-ry and immediately I start to get looks of disapproval from everyone in this place. Since when are moms expected to be fat, ugly, lazy slobs that aren't sexy, don't take care of themselves and are just in this world to take care of kids? This isn't the first time I've had this type of encounter with the world I live in. I've heard from E's coworkers "Moms aren't supposed to wear heels!!" or "That's not how moms are supposed to be dressed/hair/makeup done." E always responds with "Don't tell Karie that!"

My question is why?? Why are moms expected to become those things I mentioned before? Why does society have such a problem with women being sexy and being moms? I work out, I change my hair color when ever I feel like it as well as the style/cuts, I also LOVE heels...Its more of an obsession really.... I LOVE make up, I enjoy getting sexy for my fiance and he enjoys it as well as other men that I catch staring at me! So why is there an issue once people find out I have a child??? I actually had a "friend" tell me one time I was a "DIVA MOM" and that she couldn't understand how I dressed this way and that she could NEVER dress this way. This is how I was BEFORE child and hey guess what I am STILL like this! Needless to say I am no longer friends with this person!

Let me just be the first to say I will dress/act like this til the day I die. Children or not! I also see MANY other women feeling/dressing/acting the same way as I do! Is their disapproval just because I am a thicker woman that people make it an even bigger deal then it should be? Is it because I have voluptuous thighs that most people find "gross"? If that's indeed the reason... that I am just too big for you're liking and I dress/act any way I wish ALL THE WHILE being the most amazing mom and fiance..... well then I hold up both middle fingers to you and you can kiss this SEXY PHAT ass!! HI HATERS HI HATERS HI HATERS!!!


  1. Just because you are a Mom doesn't mean you have to stop living! As long as your are a great Mom, have fun! You do need to give me makeup lessons though... I am not as talented as you. Haha. :)


  2. Lol Thanks Lauren!! I have no problem in giving lessons! Just let me know when!!