Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lord help me!!

As you know, I switched gyms almost a month ago and when I did I was to receive 1 free hour of training..... I didn't think I needed it because E is practically a personal trainer and I do a majority of everything that most trainers would tell me to do anyway. I was talking to the owner yesterday and realized it might be helpful. We scheduled the appointment for 11am the next morning and I almost slept right past it since AJ decided she wanted to be up from 6am-7am and THEN crawl in bed with me. Anyway, I get there and she's not there so I decided to knock out some of my work out since I didn't really think I would be getting anything in at all. About 10mins later she shows up and we get to it.

I get on this crazyyy lookin scale which is hooked up to her lap top... real technical things goin on here. It literally takes 1 minute and this thing is about to reveal the most intimate personal details about myself that even I don't know! I step off and I'll admit I was embarrassed because lets face it, I am fat and unhealthy. Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see..... let me explain myself for a moment.... I honestly didn't think I was as bad as I'm going to reveal in a moment. I try to eat every 3-4hours, I try to drink A LOT of water since 1.) I live in the desert and 2.) because its good for you even though I hate the taste lol. I thought the foods I was eating weren't that bad as well but damn if I wasn't ever more wrong in my life!! Now, back to the scale......

So I step off the scale wait for her to write down all the info and then she looks at me and says "Are you sure you're ready?" I was thinking to myself "Um no actually I've changed my mind and I'd prefer to just walk out of here with out seeing those!" but instead of saying that I said "Yes, I need to know this information" which is true I do need to know it in order to live healthier!

We first started with weight- 225lbs... Now, this is the 2nd most accurate scale in the world and I weighed myself when I got home to know the difference between my scale and this one, its a 3lb difference. Since I tapped out at 227lbs on my scale, in reality it was really 230 and since working out I've bottomed out at 217lbs which is really 220lbs so I've lost a total of 10lbs, either way.

My body fat percentage is really bad! I'm almost half fat! It is 45% I need to get it down to 10% to get into a yellow area which is still 10% off of what I should be but it would be WAY better then what it is now. When it was divided into free fat is 123 and bad fat the bad fat was 102...... 102??? 102??? Thats another freakin person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am carrying 2 people and I'm not even freakin pregnant!!

Then it came to water weight.......This percent needs to be above 50% so I have another 10% to go up this time up verses down.

This is the insane part.... It calculates your metabolic rate! My body burns about 1800 calories a day but my fat ass is taking in about 2800 calories a day. Can you tell I have an issue with food???

So now, I need to limit my intake of calories and to do so I am doing weight watchers but I'm not going go to the meetings/pay that money because all the info is online in the first place.


  1. holy sh*t. I am scared to ever do that, I weight about the same as you and I bet you I am right with you or worse. I need the motivation though, I was doing so well (dropped to 215) just by walking everyday but lately (the last month) I dropped off the bandwagon and I am almost back at the 225 (still down from 243 but still) Your blog is starting to get me off my ass! keep it up girl and post those stats as you go!

  2. Thanks love! I'm so so so glad you enjoy it and its helping you! Do you need help with working out the rest of your body in your house? If you have questions or need help with a work out routine I can help just let me know!

  3. Definitely need help. Since it has been so hot that is why I fell off the bandwagon with walking I need so alternatives I can do with a little munchkin running around.

  4. Ok. I will get some material together for you and come up with something in a posting is that ok? I'll try to get it asap for you!!